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Talk about CASTAS
Reflected in titles, privileges, and rights, inheritance, power.
"blood purity"
System of statuses was actually quite flexible and varied by time and region
Highest status on CASTAS?
pure Spanish- PENINSULARES
List all the classes from highest to lowest
Peninsulares and Creoles
Mestizos (Sp-Indian) and Castizos (Sp-Mestizo mix)
Pure Africans
Discuss Peninsulares
Highest positions (church, army, gov't); greater access to Spanish royalty
Goal was to serve term of duty in New World and return to Spain
Looked down upon Creoles
highly conservative, very loyal to Crown and Church
Despised manual labor
Discuss Creole/Criollo
born of European parents in Americas
becomes "new elite" after independence in 1800s
disliked peninsulares but emulated them
kinda loyal to crown but worked more to improve America
had power in municipal gov't not the top vcolonial positions
many grew quite wealthy by operating mines, haciendas, etc.
Discuss Indian Groups
major labor source
decimated by disease and war
crown passed laws to preserve indian cultures and some degree of autonomy
Discuss Mestizos
offspring of a Spaniard and an Indian
a natural product of the fact that few Spanish women came to Americas
middle class- farmers, soldiers, etc
favor liberal ideas and reforms
of mestizo and Spaniard
Mestizo and Indian mix
offspring of a Spaniard and an African
Zambo/ Lobo
offspring of an Indian and an African
Expalin some of the Generalized Patterns of class
Peninsulares and Creoles settled the large urban areas and had less rural ones
Indian groups lived in distant areas (mountains, jungles, etc.)
CASTAS: Was race really important? or distinguishable?
color did not really matter since there were too many variations
It was more of social class and their economic positions
Government structure in Latin America
Viceroy was the top person
Strong executive branch and the military
Weak institutional structure
Least legislative
Personal ties most important
Rules were numerous and therefore no control
Family- important??
YES, very important because there were no societal institutions.
Discuss Regionalism
Distinct regional economies due to geographical conditions/limitations