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At the Constitutional Convention one of the 13 states did not attend. Which state was it ?
Rhode Island
R. I.
Who is the Father of the Constitution ?
James Madison
Initials are J.M.
What was the goal of the Constitutional Convention ?
To revise the Articles of Confederation
Articles of Confederation ?
What was the difference between the Va. Plan and the New Jersey Plan ?
Va. had two houses of Congress, New Jersey had one
# of houses in Congress
What are the three main branches of government ?
Executive, Legislative and Judicial
What compromise allowed slaves to be counted as part of the population ?
The Great Compromise
based on population ?
What did the system of Checks and Balances do ?
Prevent any branch of government from becoming too strong.
Who believed in a strong national government ? TheFederalists or the Anti-Federalists ?
The Federalists
National versus individual state power
What was the Bill of Rights ?
Where is it found ?
Document that guaranteed the rights of individuals. First ten admendments of the Constitution.
Guaranteed what to individual citizens.
Where did Shay's Rebellion take place ? What caused the rebellion ?
Massachusetts. Taxes.
Begins with a capital M