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Schlieffen Plan
Germany Surprise attacks France by going through Belgium toward paris but going through Belgium took a couple of days sp france had time to get ready for the Battle of Marne River (Stopped Plan).. England then Got Involved
Eastern Front
Place where Germany went after they attacked France.
Trench Warfare
Spent 1 - 2 weeks in trenches
Major reason U.S. entered war
Zimemrman telegraph - From Germany to Mexico to get Mexico involved in war against U.S. so the U.S. wouldn't go to Europe
WINNER - France
Suffered most casulaties...wanted revenge on Germany on Versailles Treaty - Clemenceacu - french leader - created DMZ between Germany & France - DMZ is rhineland - France gets Rhineland and Alsace
WINNER - Poland
Poland comes back on map by getting Russian land
LOOSER - Germany
War-guilt cause - blaming war on Germany and Germany admitting it was their fault
Reparations - Payment for war damages...$350,000,000 (Bilion)...Germany went into ecomonic depression
Weinar Republic - new government forced on Germany "puppet government"...Limit size of Army and Navy...Lost territory in England to Poland and lost Alsace in West...Lost overseas colonies
LOOSER - Austria-Hungry
Fell apart and formed a smaller Austria, a smaller Hungry, a smaller Czechoslovakia, and a smaller Yugoslavia - "Land of the Slavs" and creation was a TERRIBLE MISTAKE!
Crimean War
Named after Crimean Peninsula- some one wants to take over peninsula- Russia wants from Ottoman Empire...England & France join in war against Russia. First time England and France form Allies...
Effects...1. Black sea- Neutral
2. New Country - Romania as Buffer ZOne between russia and Ottoman Empire