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Eastern Front!
1. Germany go and attack Russia!
2. Germany was concerned about Russia power level!
3. Russia was already in the midst of a revolution!
4. Lennon- If he was in control, we would pull out of WW1!
Treaty of Breest and Litousk
Germany forced Russia to give up 1/3 of it's European land , In that was 75% of Russias Iron, and 90% of it Coal...When Germany lost the war...The land was given back
US remains Neutral
Neutral=Profit because they sell supplies to both sides
Beligerant Country- Country in War!
British Blockade
Blocked North Sea and British Channel..Prevented Germany from getting war supplies and it Worked!....Germany had to Counter Atack that...Unrestricted Submarine Warfare...
Wanted to get us in war!
Winston Churchhill.
New Weapons!!!

1. Submarine
2. Airplane
3. Machine Guns
4. Hand Granade
5. Poison Gas