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Name given to the movement in-which machines and technology changed the way people lived and the method of their production.
Industrial Revolution
Things are produced in a home
Domestic System
Things produced in a Factory System
Factory System
What caused the Industrial Revolution
1. The Agricultural Revolution.
2. The use of Raw Materials.
3. Scientific Revolution
What were reasons why the Industrial Revolution began in England?
1. England was not affected by the French Revolution in Europe.
2. Agricultural Revolution started in England.
3. England practiced capitolism which created incentive.
4. England had colonies.
Who invented the Flying Shuttle and What did it do.
John K.
It Doubled weaving speed
Who made the Spinning Jenny and what did it do.
James Hargreves
It allowed 1 person to opperate 8 spindles.
Who invented the Cotton Gin.
Eli Whitney
It seperated the seed from the cotton
Who Made Steam Engines
James Watt
The impact of the Industrial Revolution.
1. Population Growth- Goes from 10 million to 14.9 million.
2. Growth Cities- Berlin went from 200,000 to 2 million. London goes from 1 million to 7 million.
3. Conditions of Labor-1st 100 years were worst. Very long working hours. Low Wages. Dangerous Atmosphere. Women and children were exploted. No workers comp. No sick days. No Insurance.
4. HOusing Conditions- Live near work.
5. Social Conditions- Crime, disease, poor medical conditions, poverty, homeless, unemployment.
Effects and results of the Industrial Revolution.
1. Continued search for macine use for power.
2. Increase in the population of the middle class.
3. Birth of Big Buisness
4. Imperialism
5. Rise of Labor Union
6. Gov't started regulating buisness
Various ways to obtain knowledge
Practical application of that knowledge.
-Has to made from Iron and Ore
-Removed impurities from iron
Found a way to make steel easier and cheaper
Henry Bessemer
Steel can be used for?
Ship building
Building Frames
Made the electric light in 1879- Lab in N.J.
Thomas Edison
Electricity used for?
- 1st light bulb- chared cotton
- By 1900- 24 million light bulbs had been produced
- Light would be so cheap
Made Morse code
Samuel Morse
What happened in 1866?
1st underwater telegraph cable across atlantic.
Who Invented the Telephone?
Alexander Graham Bell
Created the Phonograph
Louis Pasteur
Bacteria vaccination
Joseph Lister
Surgery- Antisepctic
William Morton