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movement that focused on secular themes rather than religious ideas
how does the roll of female artists today compare w/ that of them in Renaissance times?
-they had limited oppurtunities
-female artists were daughters of artists or nobles
- we have a lot of female artists
identify one renaissance masterpiece. explain how it reflects ideals. state subject
Leonardo daVinci's Last Supper
Jesus' last meal w/ disciples
realistic themes from Bible
elected leader of Venice
how did renaissance ideas spread to northern europe?
war, travel/trade, books
why did the pope ask luther to recant his beliefs and then excommunicate him when luther wouldn't?
afraid of rebellion
church run state
how did the calvinists and anabaptists differ in attitudes toward church members participating in government activites?
anabaptists - shouldn't participate in gov. activities
calvanists - church run state
theological school
batholomeu dias
portuguese, 1400's, explorer who reached the southern tip of africa.
vasco da gama
portuguese, 1400's, explorer who sailed from portugal to india
write a journal entry describing experiences as a sailor on an expedition of magellen
we attempted a mutiny because magellan halted the expedition till spring. he executed the capitan. passing through the strait of magellan was frightening. it was rocky and rough and we lost some fleet. the pacific was calm. we didn't see land for 4 months. we ran out of food and were miserable. we reached the philipines, and magellan was killed. we retured to spain 3 years after setting out.
how did the treatment of native americans differ in colonies of spain, france, and england?
spain - convert, enslaved, abused
france - convert, traded w/
england - didn't convert, little contact, colonized land
decide which class of european society benefited from commercial revolution. why?
middle(merchants/bankers) - they made sure that they'd make a profit
reasons for internal unrest in spanish empire under philip 2nd's rule? how'd philip respond?
-castile made center of country/most important
-spanish inquisition
-economy went downhill
he put down the revolt
Poor laws
England 1597 and 1601 - made local areas responsible for own homeless and unemployed
Explain how Henry IV tried to bring religious peace to france.
passed edict of nantes which restricted protestants
pragmatic sanction
law saying women could inherit austrian throne
how did reigns of peter the great and catherine the great affect the russian nobility and common people?
nobility - forced to work for him and do government service
common - nobles had full control over serfs
nobles - relased from required government service
common - more peasants forced into serfdom and conditions worsened.