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Byzantine emperor 700's - ordered all icons removed from churches
How were Byzantine emperors and the Christian church linked?
Emperors were the head of the church. They appointed church officials. They used the church's wealth for government purposes.
How did religious disputes such as the iconoclastic controversy affect Byzantine political affaris?
led to church schism (seperation, spilt), weakened eastern part of byzantine empire
Explain what problem resulted when Charlemagne was crowned by the pope.
He was worried that the pope was saying that church officals were supperior to rulers. Didn't think religious leaders should have power over him.
Why did the Vikings, the Magyars, and the Slavs leave their homelands and invade western Europe?
adventure, land, money, riches
Define Feudalism
a decentralized form of government that stressed alliances for mutual protection between monarchs and nobles
Define fief
estates with peasants
define vassal
a noble who served a lord of the next higher rank
define homage
a ceremony where ties between a lord and vassal were made official
define tournament
mock battles between knights
define manorialism
a sysytem of agricultural production
Compare and contrast the feudal class structure in medieval Europe with the varna system in early India.
Compare - they both define a person's place in society/their duties
Contrast - varna has to do w/ occupations, feudal is all political
Diagram the way nobles, knights, and peasants cooperated during the medieval period.
Nobles on top, knights (protected nobles) in the middle, peasant (served nobles) bottom
Identify Joan of Arc
French 1400's rallied French to fight English
Louis XI
French - 1400's - king of France, united feudal lands under his crown
Richard III
English, 1400's, King of england, lack support, fell in battle
Ferdinand of Aragon
Spanish, 1400's, ruler of part of Christian Spain on the coast
Isabella of Castile
Spanish, 1400's - married Ferdinand, ruled the rest of Spain and their kingdoms were united when married
Relate how one European monarchy changed during the Middle Ages
politically - rulers were struggling for control of the throne, Henry VII eliminated claimants to the throne
economically - trade was promoted
socially - increased royal power over nobles
Explain the reasons for the struggles between the various European monarchies
want of Feudalism
political alliances shifted (who's going to rule/ take over who)