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Why did Cato want Carthage to be destroyed?
Carthage was becoming too much of a threat to the Romans
Cato ended all of speeches with what phrase?
"Carthage must be destroyed"
The Romans destroyed Carthage in 146 BC
The Roman destroyed Carthage
Survivors of the city were ____
What was placed in the soil of Carthage to symbolize that the land would remain uninhabited?
Why were small farmers forced to leave their land?
The wealthy landowners could afford sell their produce much more cheaply, driving the small farmers out of business
The small farmers moved to ______ to search for work
the cities
Why did crime and violence increase in the city?
There were too many unemployed people there, who would fight for food and clothes
Who were Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus? What were they known as?
They were brothers that served as tribunes- also known as the Gracchi
What did the Gracchus brothers want to stop?
They wanted to stop allowing the wealthy to rent so much government land, and wanted to divide this land among the small farmers who had been forced to move to the cities
_______ landholders including many ____ opposed the Gracchi's reforms
Wealthy, senators
___ was murdered in 133, ____ was murdered in 121
Tiberius was murdered in 133, Gaius in 121
In 60 BC, three men formed a secret alliance to control the Roman government. Name these three men
Julius Caesar, Crassus and Pompey
Historians later called this group the first ________ . What does this also mean?
Triumvirate-"ruled by three"
All had served as ____, all were ____ and all were_____
consul, senators and generals
What did Julius Caesar do when he was away from Rome?
He won many battles in Gaul (now called France_
___ was then placed under Roman control
_____ served as governor, called ___ there
Julius Caesar, proconsul
Caesar also won battles in __
in 53 BC ____ was killed while commanding his army
____ became very___ of Caesar's victories
Pompey, jealous
In 50 BC ____ and the ____ ordered Caesae to return to Rome ____ his ____
Pompey and the senate ordered Caesar to return to Rome without his troops
In 49 BC Caesar returned to Rome _______ his_____
WITH his troops
______ ___ began between ___ troops and ___ troops
Civil war began between Caesar's and Pompey's troops
___ and some senators fled Rome
Caesar became___
Who won in the Caesar vs. Pompey battle?
___ was later killed
In 44 BC, Caesar had himself named ___ __ __
dictator for life
Caesar instituted many _____ in the _____
reforms in the republic
Many _____ believed ____ _____ was ____ too much ______
senators believed Julius Caesar was gaining too much power
What is March 15 also called?
The Ides of March
______ _______ was _____ to death in the ______ by a group of ______
Julius Caesar was stabbed to death in the senate by a group of senators
Some of Caesar's friends were involved in the assasination including__
His last words supposedly were
"Et tu Brute?" (You too, Brutus?)
In 43 BC, a second triumvirate was formed consisting of
Ocatvian, Mark Antony and Lepidus
Who was Octavian?
Caesar's adopted on, his grandnephew
Who was Mark Antony?
A general who had been Caesar's right hand man
In 42 BC, these three men defeated troops
led by Caesar's murderers
_____ and _____ forced_____ to retire
Octavian and Antony forced Lepidus to retire
Octavian and Antony ______ ___ _______ ______
ruled the Roman Empire
Who married Cleopatra?
Antony and Cleopatra fought ___ for the control fo the Roman republic
in 31 ____ defeated their forces
in 30 BC, ___ and ___ committed ____
Antony and Cleopatra committed suicide
Who became the firstRoman emperor?
Octavian then became known as
Augustus, Caesar or Caesar Augustus
The Roman republic ended
when Octavian became emperor
What does Pax Romana mean
Roman Peace
No major wars during
Pax Romana
What was Pax Romana named for?
The period beginning in 27 BC when Augustus became emperor and continuing until AD 180
Beginning with ____ Romans were ruled by ___
Augustus (octovian), emperors
Most emperors ruled for ___ and used the title __
life, Caesar
During the first century, two of the emperors were ____ or __
insane or mentally unstable
This emperor was murdered by his own bodyguards and probably was insane
During his reign, Rome was burned and he blamed the fire on the Christians. Supposedly fiddled while Rome burned and committed suicide after the Senate sentencedhim to death
The time period around the 2 century AD is known as
The Five Good Emperors
These emperors were ___________ ones
competent ones
One of the Five Good Emperors had a protective wall built in Northern Britain called ___________'s _____
Hadrien's wall
Last of the Five Good Emperors, Pax Romana ended when he died, was a philosopher
Marcus Aurelius
Thousands of miles of ____ were built; mainly for military purposes
The roads were used extensively for
What mountain erupted in AD 79 and covered the town of ______?
Vesuvius, Pompeii
Similar to the Greek Agora
The Forum
The government provided _____ and ___________ to keep people busy and happy
food and amusement
Name given to this technique was called "_____ and ____"
"bread and circuses"