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Herbert Hoover
elected President in 1928
was accused by many of making the Great Depression worse by not doing anything to try to fix it.
Bad situation
Dow Jones Industrial Average
most widely used guide to the performance of the stock market
based on the stocks of 30 top of the companies.
stock market
Black Tuesday
Oct. 29 1929
day the bottom fell out of the stock market signifying the start of the Great Depression.
no money
Great Depression
Period from 1929-1940
economy plummeted and unemployment skyrocketed.
depressed not job
Haweley smoot Tariff
est. the highest protective tariff in us history.
killed world trade
no trade.
Missionary Diplomacy
president Wilson's policy of not officially recognizing oppressive governmental in latin America.
Dust Bowl
result of a drought which began in the 1930's in the Great Plains.
Thousands of farmers became knows as okies as they were forced to lave their land to move west.
Bonus Army
ww1 veterans owed money to be paid out in 1945
marched on Washington to demand the money sooner and were forced to disband by the military.
Reconstruction Finance corporation
authorized up to $2 bill for emergency financing for banks and large business.
Hoover hoped this money would trickle down to the poor through new jobs and high wages.
money for new jobs
Federal Home Loan Bank Act
lowered mortgage rates and enabled farmers to avoid foreclosure
promoted by Hoover.
gov't help farmers.
Bouler Hoover Dam
dam built on the Colorado river for flood control and to provide water for agriculture.
the project was purposed by Hoover before he was president.
direct relief
cash payments or food proiveded by the government to the poor.
this system did not exist during the early years of the great depression.
food for needy.
franklin Dealno Roosevelt
president during most of the Great Depression and ww2.
he believed gov't should be more active in promoting pos. change in society than his repubican processors.
glass steagall act
part of the New Deal legislation aimed at fixing the federal deposit insurance corporation.
federal securities act
new deal legislation designed to regulate the stock market
made companies responsible for providing complete and accurate info. in stock offerings.
stock offer
Mary mcleod Bethrure
one of several African Americans appointed to the gov't by Roosevelt
helped organize the "black cabinet" which was a influential African Americans who advised Roosevelt.
black cabinet
new deal coalition
group of diverse background brought together by FDR to support the Democrat party.
democrats dominated national ploitics throughout the 1930's and 1940's
congress of industrial organization
a union of unskilled and semi skilled workers.
it was started b/c the AFL did no allow an skilled workers.
John Collier
commissioner of indian affairs under Roosevelt
its policies promoted Native American autonomy.
frances perkins
secretary of Labor under Roosevelt
she was the first female cabinet memeber.
Civilian Conservation Corps
new deal legislation aimed at crating jobs.
put ppl 18-25 in jobs building rods plaint trees and soil erosion.
Agricultural Adjustment act
new deal legislation designed to aid farmers.
it raised crop prices by lowering production .