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Rachel Carson
writes "silen spring"
show effects of toxic chemicals
betty friedan
"feminine mystique"
phyllis Schlafly
gender roles given by god
great society
promote racial justice, education, and environment
economic opportunity act
racial discrimination in employment, education, and voting
voting rights act
ban literacy tests
immigration and nationality act
abolish immigration quotas
loving v. virginia
ruling: allow interracial marriage
baker v. carr
ruling: "one person one vote"
give more power to cities
gideon v. wainwright
ruling: must give lawyer to accused when he/she cannot afford one
miranda v. arizona
ruling: inform suspects of rights upon request
abington school disctrict v. schempp
ruling: can't requre bible readings and prayer in public schools
students nonviolent coordinating committee
civil disobediance and nonviolence
confront people, college students

congress of racial equality
organize freedom rides
freedom rides
integrate interstate transportation in south
voter education project
register black voters in the south
much resistance
ex. medgar edgers
march on washington
mlk deliver i have a dream speech
mississippii freedom summer project
blacks adn whites conduct voter registration drive
selma march
march from selma to montgomery to promote voter registration
"Bloody Sunday"-resistance
civil rights acts
allow americans access to public accommodations, education, and emplyment, and voting
Black Panther Party for Self-Defense
security for African Americans in S.F
American Indian Movement
reclaim N.A culture, religion, self-determination
united farm workers
labor unions are key to help migrant farmworkers
boycott grapes
la raza unida
political party
cultural pride, anti-discrimatory legislation
students for a democractic society
New Left
college students
stonewall riots
police raid gay bar-->gays don't back down
form groups and organizations
environmental protection agency
enforce clean air and water policies (Nixon)
occupational Safety and health act
protect workers from accidents and disease while working
clean air act
national standards for air quality
president's commission on teh Status of Women
report Widespread discimination, recommend remedies, want better wages
equal pay act
make wage disparities based on gender illegal
national organization for women
equal treatment for women in public sphere
integrate in existing institutions
equal rights amendment
outlaw differencial treatment of men adn women
roe v. wade
ruling: women rights to abortion
title IX
ban sex discrimination in education