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how was new france different from new england?
new england had more people but less space

new france had more space but lesss people

new france didn't cut down trees
how did the people of new france earn a living?
they were trappers [rugged tough men]

soldiers [came to protect]

or missionareis [catholic priests trying to convert indians]
what is the albany plan of union?
ben franklin's proposal for a central government for the 13 colonies..the first attempt . it failed
what were the advantages of england over france?
large population..10 times more

closer together geogrpahically

iroquois confederation were their allies the best indian army around
what were the french advantages over the british
they controlled vast amount of land

had once central governemtn so they could act qucikly

had strong allies
the hurons algonquins and ottawa
what were the sayings about the iroquois
"approached like the fox"
"fought like the lion"
"disappeared like the bird"
what was the "two doors" to new france
fort louisborg was the front door and new orleans was the back door..aka the front way to get to it or the back way
new france as a "tree"
the st lawrence river was the trunk
the brances were tribuataries
the leaves were forts
what are tributaries
small rivers connecting into a much larger one