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When was Jamestown happening, who started it, and why?
1587-1770 or around 1590-1770, The Virginia stock company started it, and because they got a charter.
What were the three colonial regions?
New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.
What was the joint stock company?
A company in which investors buy stock in the company in return for a share of its profit. The Virginia Stock Company for this.
Who was John Smith, and why was he important?
He was th leader in Jamestown, his motto was: No work, no food. He was harsh! He was "rescued" by Pocahontas. he got the colonists through the first hard winter.
Who was Pocahontas, and why was she important?
Pocahontas "saved" John Smith, married John Rolfe, and was the bridge between the Native Americans and the colonists. Which pretty much stopped the fighting.
Who was John Rolfe, and why was he important?
John Rolfe was a colonist who started the tobacco plant, married Pocahontas, was a bridge between the colonist and the Native Americans.
What are cash crops, and where would they probably be grown?
They were crops that sold and grew particularly well, and they would probably have been grown in the Southern Colonies, and part of the Middle Colonies.
What was subsistence farming?
Where a farmer would only grow enough food to feed his family.
What was the house of Burgesses?
It was all the burgesses/ representatives from all the different towns and cities in the colony. they had assembly's/ meetings.
Why did people come to America?
For free religion, more money, and to make a living.
What were the different types of colonial governments, how did they work?
Charter colonies=made by people who had been given a charter. They elected their members of legislate and governor, but the king could approve the governor.
Proprietary Colonies= ruled by proprietors/people who Britain had given land to. the elected the governor and upper house, while the colonists elected the lower house.
Royal colonies= the king choose the upper house and governor, which pretty much did what the British told them, while the colonists elected the lower house. This created conflicts.
Everything about the New England Colonies:
MA, NH, CT, and RI. Hard farming = little food, little $, so instead many small businesses, fish and ships, and the triangle trade. The middle passage was slavery.
What were the Native Americans relationship with the colonists?
They had fights about owning the land, but it got a bit better when Pocahontas married John Rolfe.
Everything about the Middle Colonies:
DA, NY, NJ, 1/2 VT. Took NY and bought DA from Dutch. NY=Harbor city, main place=Manhattan. king gave NY to duke of York, and gave NJ to someone, who named it after the Island of Jersey, PA was bought by the king, who hot rid of a debt by giving it to the Quakers, cash crops=iron and grain.
Everything about the Southern Colonies?
Good farming because it was so warm, cash crop in NA MD= tobacco, cash crop in SC and GA= rice, plantations were few and huge, these people in politics, "back country" people grew tobacco and corn on small farms,they out number th plantation owners.