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tories and patriots were the same thing
Ethan Allen captures which fort with the Green Mountain Boys?
For Ticonderoga
Who was the "Old Fox" and who was the "Swamp Fox"

What is a fox like saying you are
George Washington
Francis Marion

Sneaky and sly
What document did Thomas Paine write and why did it convince people to become patriots?
Common Sense.

Because he used very good persuasive writing and he stated the facts as they were.
Describe the Hessians
They were german mercenaries that were mercyless and brutal.
Who proposed the idea of independence?
Richard Henry Lee
What was the name of John Paul Jone's ship
Bonhomme Richard
Which battle was the turning point of the revolution?
The battle of Saratoga.
How was Nathan Hale caught and what did he do, and why was he good at what he did?
He was betrayed by someone in his family and he was a spy who always covered up his tracks.
Which battle did Lafayette fight in and how did he help the Americans?
Brandywine and brought trained soldiers to help fight .
Who was Thaddeus Kosciusko and what did he do?
A polish officer who helped Americans build forts and other defenses.
What were the 3 sections of the Declaration of Independecne?
1. Natural Rights
2. British Wrongs
3. Independecne
What is a traitor
Someone who betrays their country
What kind of warfare did the Americans use on Johnny Burgoyne?
Physcological Warfare
General Howe liked his ______ _______.
Creature Comforts
Bendedict Arnold was like what to Washington?
The son he never had
Who was haned for holding inteligiance between Benedict Arnold and the British and why wasn't he just taken a prisoner of war?
Major Andre.

Becuase if he had been wearing his redcoat he would just be a prisoner of war but he was dressed as a civilian so he was dressed as a spy.
Explain the 3 Point Plan of Attack
A plan to cut off all supllies to New England and three strong British armies would all corner everyone in at Albany. Nobody in the end made it.
Who was Johann Rawl?
The leader of the Hessians.
What was the Battle of Trenton like?
It was a major victory wehre every single Hessian was killed and only 2 americans were wounded.
Who didn't shoot Washington at Brandywine and why?
Patrick Ferguson

because he didn't know it was Washington and he thought it wasn't honorable to shoot someoen in the back like it wasn't playing it fair.
Who said:

"If you don't get all your men out of New York immediately we'll blow you out of the water!"
George Washington
Who said:
"My only regret is that I have but one life to live for my country"
Nathan Hale
Why didn't the Hessians just fight back at the Battle of Trenton?
Because it was Christmas and Johann Rawl told them not to bother eacohter with war and so they were taken by surprise
Who was Freidrich von Steuben and what did he do for the Americans?
He was a German soldier who trained Washington's troops to march and drill.
What went on during the winter at Valley Forge?
90% died of camp fever but they were also preparing plans for the spring
What happend at the Battle of Long Island? How did they escape?
The Americans suffered greatly and they would have all died but Washington's troops escaped in the fot

-When do you become equal?

-From whom do your rights come from?

-What are unalienable rights?

-Who wrote the Declaration and who was on the committe?
*When you are born

*God or your creator

*Rights that apply to everyone

*Thomas Jefferson || Thomas Jefferson, Robert Livingtson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Rodger Sherman
What did Washington's troops do when they ran out of musketballs?
They used glass, sticks, anythign they could find.
Why was the Treaty of Paris signed in Paris?
Because it was a neutral state.
What did General Howe ignore?
The little things that mattered most like blocking off the exit.
Why did the fire in New York not just get put out instead of 1/4 being destroeyd?
Because Washington had used all the fire bells for muskets.
Who was Colonel Barry St. Leger?
A skilled officer who had been there since the French and Indian War
Why did Barry St. Leger retreat after he had gotten so far?
Because for some reason his Iroquois left. He just didn't go on without his Irogquois and retreated back to Canda.
What happens when Johnny Burgoyne recaptures Fort Ticonderoga?
King George thinks that the British have won.
True or false:

Johnny Burgoyne brought 40 wagons of luggage through the wilderness.
Why didnt General Howe go to Albany as planned?
He sailed to the Chesapeke becuase he figured that Burgoyne could handle it and he liked his creature comforts.
Why did France Join the Americans after Saratoga?
Becuase the French realize the Americans have a chance at winning the war.
Lord Cornwallis wants to get supplies and gets cornered in by who?

After he gets cornered in Cornwallis just figures he'll escape through the Chesapeke bay. Why doesnt this happen?
Rochambo, Lafayette, and Washington.

Admrial Degrass blocks off the Chesapeke before the British can get there.
What was the winning battle caleld?
The Battle of Yorktown.
What was funny about the surrendering of Yorktown? And how did Washington get the last laugh?
The 2nd in command begins to give the sword to Rochambo! Rochambo tells them to give it to Washington and then Washtingon tells him to give it to his 2nd in command.