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What factories began to spring up were clothing was produced by manufacturers.
Textile Factories
Pre 1840 mot of the clothing made in the United States was made in the home from what?
Raw Fibers
Who was paid less? Men or woman?
This is the system where everything was done in the factories.
Factory System
What percent of workers were organized and employers could easily replace unskilled workers.
Who concentrated in the northeast?
Who concentrated in the midwest?
What formed in 1834 by Journeymen which represented many different occupations.
National Trade Union
Who invented the steel plow
John Deere
WHo created the steam boat
Robert Fulton
Who led the Underground Railroad
Harriet Tobman
Established The Liberator, an abolitionist newspaper, and heled found the AmericanAnti-slavery Society.
William Lloyd Garrison
Who opened the first US high school for women?
Emma Willard
Who was the first woman doctor in the United States?
Elizabeth Blackwell
What was the first US women's college?
Mount Holyoke Female Seminary
This is when farmers began to grow Specialty Crops (cotton)
Market Economy
Midwest and South still dominated the ___ ___
Farming Industry
What began to prodce special items in large numbers
When did America turn to a more Market Economy and became less self efficient?
Mid 1800s
When did the Capitalist begin to flourish in America
After 1840
Whats and entrepaneur
Person who owns a business
When was the National Road Built
Who made The Liberator
William Lloyd Garrison
Who made the Northern Star
Frederick Douglass
When was William Lloyd Garrison dragged through the streets of Boston
What happened from 1810 to 1820
Slavery doubled
Slaves were rented out from __
WHat people used christianity and economy
Pro Slavery People
This forbid the discussion of slavery in Congress
1836 GAG Rule
Taught SUnday School in Jail and was horrified t\by the jails conditions
Dorothea DIx
When was there no structured educational system in the US
Before 1850
Rich people usually had ___ for their children
Most teachers were ___
How you live your life will determine your fate
2nd Great Awakening
Emotional Meetings- Public Outories
Gradual Improvement through religion (no lightening bolts)
Who was the first woman to earn a medical degree
Elizabeth Blackwell
Who was a famous writer
Mary Fuller
In 1821 Emma Wilard started a school for women in ___ ___ ___
Troy, New York
Abolitionists who wan away from home opposing slavery
Sarah and Angelina Grimke