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Basically slavery.
Like "indetured servants"
If you were a conquistador you had a family indeted to you.
First succesful British colony.
Located in Virginia.
Goals of exploration (British)
-N.W. passage (trade)
-new market for merchants $$$
-Gold and silver.
-Raw materials (lumber and fur)
-Compete with Spain
-Homeland was crowded
Goals of exploration (Spain)
3 G's
Salutary Neglect
Years when British were busy fighting France, didn't control the colonies.

Helped colonies because they flourished (self gov't)
Method where mother countries have a positive balance by having more stuff exported than imported.
Economics in colonies
Depended on region (South, Middle, New England Colonies)

Education in colonies
-Attendance not required
-Colleges, wealthy only could go
-New Englans was leader in education
House of Burgesses
-Elected assembly
-First Self Government
-Started in Virginia
-Only wealthy could vote
-Beginning of limited self gov't in the English Colonies
Starving time
-Brutal winter of 1609-1610
-Colonists starved and died of disease
-A result was cannabalism
Indetured servant
Agreed to work for a person for x amount of time.
When released guarantees freedom and land.
All expenses were paid by "master"
Pirtae hired by Government to attack "enemy" ships
Joint Stock Company
Company funded and run by a gorup of investors
Certificate of permission
Triangular Trade
Trade route between Americas, Africa and Europe.
Middle Passage
1 leg of triangle trade between Africa, Americas and Europe

Force transport of slaves from Africa to Americas.
First, unsuccesful attempt of British colonies.
Slavery in the colonies
Depended in colony
South Carolina and Georgia
- Plantations
- Brutal Conditions
- Majority of pop.
- Perserved traditions, not a lot of interaction w/ Europeans

Virginia and Maryland

- Minority of population
- Fewer came directly to Va. and M.
- More contact w/ Europeans
- Some were Artisans

New England and Middle

- Diverese economy
- More freedom
- More jobs
Free Blacks
Very difficult (laws and gov't)
Limited rights
Worse than being slave (discrimination)
Ssme jobs as slaves
Less Materials
Limited Selv Gov't
Gov't in colonies, had governor appointed by King.
In Spain governor was equal to vessanor.
Under governor was the colonial legistlature (made up of imp. ppl of colony. RICH and WHITE)
Men and Women who could afford to hire others to work for them.
Royal Colony
Colony run by gov't (monarchy)
Staple Crop
Crops in constant demand (sugar, rice, etc. )
Stono Rebellion
1793,several dozen slaves near Charleston,South Carolina killed 20 whites.