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Used in medecine, to knock people out.
Who created Baseball?
Abner Doubleday created the basic rules.
Gold Rush
Gold was discovered in 1849 in California. Lots of people came, called the 49'ers.
Who created/What was the telegraph?
Samuel Morse- it sped up the spread of information
Someone who thinks slavery should end now.
Someone who wants to gradually end slavery.
An example of emancipationist/ abolishinist
Henry Clay/ Cassius Clay
The North Star was written by...
Fredrick Douglas wrote...
The Liberator was written by...
William Loyd Garrison wrote...
The True American was written by...
Cassius Clay wrote...
Reform Movements of 1850's
- People tried to get a better public school system, and
- People tried to improve conditions in factories, and Mental Institutions
Wtote Uncle Tom's Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Story of Uncle Tom's Cabin
A slave named Uncle Tom was beaten by his mean master, Simon Legree. Simon eventually kills Tom.
Simon Legree
Adjective- Mean or horrible person
Uncle Tom
Noun- African-American who doesn't stand up for him/herself.
Effecects of Uncle Tom's Cabin on the North
- Best Seller
-They get bad idea of South
Effect of Uncle Tom's Cabin on the South
- Banned
- South said harriet didn't know what she was talking about, and said "we treat slaves better than your factory workers
What Licoln said when he met Stowe
"So your the little lady that started the civil war"
What inspired Harriet Beecher Stowe to write Uncle Tom's Cabin
She saw a slave auction in Washington, Ky while on her way to visit a friend in Cincinati
Election 1860: Republican candidate
Abraham Lincoln
1860 election: Northern Domocrat candidate
Stephen Douglas
1860 election: Southern-Democrat
John Brekinridge
1860 election: Constitutional Union Party
John Bell
November, 1860
Aberaham Lincoln elected president w/ vice Hannibal Hamlin
December 1860
South Carolina seceeds form the union
February 1861
Confederate States of America Founded with president Jefferson Davis
March 1861
Lincoln inagurated
April 12, 1861
P.T. Beauragard fires cannons at for Summter
April 13, 1861
Aderson Surrender
Note: Anderson used to teach P.T. at Westpoint
April 15, 1861
Civil War officially declared
Location of Fort Sumter
Charleston Harbor of Charleston, South Carolina
What Fort Sumter is.
A federal arsenal
Leader at Fort Sumter
Robert Anderson
Happenings of Fort Sumter
Robert Anderson sends telgram to Lincoln asking whether he should abandon Fort Summter (let SC take it over) or will Lincoln send backup supplies" Lincoln sends telegram to Anderson and SC gov saying "Fort Sumter will be resupplyed, and if SC attacks, war will be declared"
Confederate Capitals
It was first Montgomery, Alabama, but later changed to Richmond, Virginia. (less than 10 miles from DC)