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Who was Roussea?
He wrote the social contract during the Enlightenment.
What was the Enlishtenment?
The age of reason.
What was the French Revolution?
monarchy to democratic govt.
1st, 2nd, 3rd estates
The Nobility, Clergy, and Commoners
Tennis court Oath?
Where hundreds of people met to take an oath to keep meeting until a constitution was signed.
National constitutent Assembly
The Three estates.
A fortress taken over by Parisians looking for munitons to repulse the royal army.
Deeds to Royal Church lands
Commoners,ie bankers, farmers looking to control things.
Citizan capet
Louis 16th executed as citizen.
Edmund Burke
Writes Reign of terror during enlightenment.
levee en Masse
A draft for all men 18-25 without children to fight for the french
Pope Pius the VII
Napolean had arrested to crown him
Louis XV
Lousy leader, No govt interest. People ran the country for him
Maxmilian Robespierre
leader of the reign of terror and public safety.