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Author of Canterbury Tales
Pope who was kidnapped
Pope Boniface
Philosopher who tried to show that reason supported the Church's teachings.
Thomas Aquinas
Three Kings who led the Third Crusade.
King Richard
French king who seized Burgundy.
Louis XI
Writer who attacked the practices of the church.
John Wycliffe
English king whose family won the the Wars of the Roses.
Henry VII
French king who quarreled with tthe pope over whether the clergy should pay taxes.
Philip IV
Helped the French defend Orleans.
Joan of Arc
Pope who called upon the leaders of Europe to regain the Holy Land from the Muslims.
Pope Urban II
The cause of the crusades was that ______________.
they needed help against the Turks.
What were built during middle ages that contributed to the intellectual?
The people with the real power during middle ages were______________.
the pope and the kings of France and England.
2 Positive results of crusades:
*trade increased
*feudalism declined
What also helped feudalism decline?
The 100 yrs war
How did English parliament increase it powers?
by demanding priveliges in return 4 taxes
How did Dante and Chaucer feel about the church?
They satirized it...(attacked it)
Why did the church's power decrease?
b/c of strong governments.
How did it decrease?
church's restriction on trade and reform ws needed in church.
What is a guild?
associations of merchants or artisians in the middle ages.
In the middle ages we had the:
*increasing trade
*growing towns
Describe medieval cities:
* dark and narrow streets
*poor santitation
*serfs lived here
Describe a Gothic cathedral.
*tall & delicate in appearance
*pointed arches
*high & thin walls
*lg. windows