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Preparing for war to keep the peace
Archduke Francis Ferdinand and wife
Killed on june 28 1914 by Gavarilo Princip
Gavarilo Princip
Belonged to "Black Hand" terroist group and killed Ferdinand and his wife
Schleiffer Plan
Germanys plan to conqure France then swing around to Russia
December 7 1941
Japanese attack Pearl Harbor
"No Mans Land"
Area with barbed wire and land mines before trenches, wet and muddy
Fist war to use poision gas
First war to use tanks
Boat that germans sink that had Americans on it and brought US into WWI
Three word saying in russian revolution
Peach, land, bread
Leon Trosky
Lead "Red Army" under Lenin, left wing of communist party, rev. need to happen in other countries
Boxer Rebellion
Forced foreigners from China, attacked missions
Poor family, no education, not well spoken, right wing of communist
5 year plan
Started by Stalin to increase industrial production to catch up to US
Charcteristics of Facism
power of the state, violent actions, strong national commuinty, use tech. to maintain control
Creator of Fascism
Benito Mussolini
Army of Mussolini and wore all black
Slogan of Fascism
Believe, Obey, Fight
June 6 1944
D Day, Allied forces invade Normandy, largest amphib invasion, led by Einsenhower
Aug 6 1945
H bomb dropped on japan, "Fat Man"
Aug 14 1945
V J Day, Japan surrenders
Unlimited Warfare
Attacks on Civillians
Yalta Conference
Feb 1945, start of UN, churchill, roosevelt, stalin
First to coin phrase "Iron Curtin"
Potsdam Conference
july 1945, by big 3, start of cold war
Russians launch first satalite
oct 4 1957
38th parallel
Split of Korea, first fighting of cold war
Berlin wall is started
Bay of Pigs
US tries to overthrow Cuba
French word, Period of coming together and peace
Mohandas Gandhi
Well educated, "passive resistance", gains independance from Britan
Ho Chi Minh
Leader of Indo Commuinst Party
First ICBM
LG-118A Peace Keeper
"Openness" Free speech Gorbachev
"Restructure" Economic plan
1989 was know as what
"Year of Miracles" Berlin wall falls
End of Communist
Dec 25 1991