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Reasons for international play
1) economy/ big buisness was growing and raw materials were needed and a larger market to sell them on 2) they also wanted to spread ideals of America (democracy)
#1 historian and what he said
Frederick Jackson Turner. he fave a speach in which he said the US frontier expansion is over
Manifest Destiny
blieved it couldnt be over. they thought they could reach farther for more land
the influence of seapower
Alfred Mahan. he studied navel history and discovers any empire in history they had a strong navy. If the US wants to be a major power they must have a big navy
Issue in Venezuela
British Guiana and Venezuela have a problem. Each believe that they own more land than they actually have. It was going to be a peaceful resolution except they found gold in the area
America deals with the issue in venezuela
Cleveland takes a tough stand against colonization(against britian) He relies on the monroe doctrine as his backup.
Monroe Doctrine
Europe will not get involved in the western hemosphere
Britians resonse to clevland
we are not going to listen. they are pretty confident because they have the best navy and therefore not worried.
why peace comes
boar war distracts british but british get mostly what they want in the end
Queen lil. America was interested in the sugar in Hawaii. Politicans asked congress to annex it because the queen was interferring. They also thought it was a good rest stop on their way to Asia. Peral harbor we leased from them. Cleveland however was against annexing it
Cuba (original interest)
southerners thoguth it was a good place to expand slavery before the civil war
Who had influence in cuba
Reasons why we go to war with spainish
1) cubas reaction to wanting independence 2) Deputy delowne 3) the explosion of the Main
Cuban want independence
(1890's) they dont get it. General Weyler is sent to crush all those who want freedom. he used concentration camps. est. over 50,000 cubans were kissed in them. US politians were upset by this.
yellow journalism
people exagerated how bad it was in cuba inoder to sell newspapers
Deputy Delowne
minster to spain to the US. He writes a letter to spain and said what the americans were saying. he says that Mckinley is a bozo so dont be intimidated. the letter was leaked. Speain had the chance to appologize and recall delone but they did niether.
Explotion of Maine
sitting in havanna harbor. it was there as a protective home to american citizen. also showing that US is present. The spain inspect and say it was an accident while the Americans say it was a mine. It killed over 200 officers. Navy said there was no attack but the Americans spun it different.
What does Mckinley do
ultimatum. but it is do late and he is finally foreced to cave it. Congress said you cannot let theose men die in vian. Declares war in 1898
Teller Amendment
Congess' message to the world and US that they will give Cuva its independence because we are not going to annex it. we are there to free them from spain rule.
The War
the spainish think they are in good position. Before spain tried to settle things but congress said sorry we have to avenge the Maine. but they believe their navy can hold up against ours
Roosevelt's response
assissant secretary of navy. He makes an executive decision. He wires a commander named George Dewey in Hong Kong and told him to bring his troops over.
McKinleys thoughts on Roosevelts move
he thought it was ok and told Dewy to fire on the Minila Bay and the Spainish Fleet is destroyed
who was ahead of opperations in Cuba
William shafter
issue in Cuba
troops were ilequipt (wool uniforms in 100 degree weather) and disease got US troops (5000 die from bacteria or other causes) only 400 die in action
Rough Riders
They wer a voulenteer group (recruited by Roosevelt). Colonel Lenard Wood
where do they attack
San Juan Hill in cuba against the spanish
why did americans have the edge
they were so close by
Help in the philopeans
philopeano wansed spanish to leave also. Aguanolda was head of rebel fighters. this was a plus for the US.
problem after war
Philopeanos want americans to lave now. but they dont because they thought it would amke a good port. They fight a bloody vicious war. we start reconstruction camps. Aguganoldo is captured and rebellon is killed slowly
is annexed(territory) and the people are gven full us citizenship
Treaty in france
spanish have to give up Cuba, Guam, Puerto rico and philipeans but the spanish were not ready to yet to give up philipeans. AMericans say if you give it up we will give 20 millon dollars. They take it
it must be approved by 2/3 of congress to be official
Anti imperialist league
those against Mckinley who dont want treaty to go through. they try to convince senate not to agree to it.
Foracker act
in puerto rico. all puerto ricans are given us citezenship as us territory and will have limited government
Platt amendment
cubans said we will control our lives but we wont get into debt with Europeans and we allow marines to come in if they need to (if there is unrest).. we later guy guiantanamo bay prison from cuba
What to do with the Philipeans
Mkinley creates the Philipeans commission
philipeans commisson
group led by Taft to decide and advise what to do with philipeans
1st gov of philipeans as terretory. he did say what would work for the people while keeping the territory.
suggesstion made by philipeans commission
internal improvments.. infrastructure. US goes along with it. Millons go into it.
feeling picked on because other countries were there
secretary of state
John hay
Open door policy created by hay
it would allow US to make head way in china without stepping on peoples fight. It said 1) you must recognize chinese rights 2) to avoid a possible war we should have an open door( no exclusive boss in china) Russia was the only one who did not sign it
Boxer Rebellon
Bejin... Super patriodic chinese who want countries to leave. In response the big powers form an army to crush the rebellion.. we contrivute 2,500 out of 18,000
punishment for chinese
have to pay 333 million. US gets 24.5 millon. we said this unfair and return some money to them (18 million). Chinese people setup fun to send them to US to be educated. Result: westernization in China
1900 Presidential election
democract Bryant: on the campigne of anti imperealism. however he needed the treaty to be signed. he will be called a hypocrite but he will say that it is because he wanted troops to stop dying
Mckinley runes with Roosevelt whom new york wanted to get rid of. Mckinley wins
Mckinley is shot and Roosvelt becomes president at 42 years old. Ny booses shutter
born in well off family in NY state. you think it would be someone who would stay in his comfort zone but he through it off and helped the lower class. "we can do better"
what roosevelt called the white house. he says there is no reason that you should retreat into white house. you have the opportunity to change things. use your power for the great good. he did big things and was outspoken
reason for the panama canal
so you could get from the east coast to the west coast (make a short cut).
who was working on it and where
the british, french, and americans. The US thought about nicoragua. The french thought of panama, columba. Plans were made by vunau-borilla. Roosevelt offeres him 40 million for the plan and he agrees because the plans werent moving forward because they couldnt get the Okay from the columbians
Treaty for columbians
1) one time payment of 10 million 2) anual 250 a year in perpituity In exchange they are given 6 mile wide strip of land.
Reaction of columbians
they wanted to hold out a little longer in order to hopefully get more money..
Roosevelts reaction
he gets mad and calls them degos. End result is they will go the hard way
the panama people rise up for independence (supported by US). When columbia goes to crush it the US military is there at the border to say not to go in. panama people declare independence and US recognizes it. Philip immerges as the panama leader. the canal is immediatly agreed to (40 millon given to panama)
created with completling the conal
Coneral George Washington Goethals
credited with keeping the canal zone healthy
Coneral William Gorgas created ditches which attracted mosquitos and away from
project finishes for 400 million dollars
Roosevelt's colerary to the monroe doctrine
a lot of latin american countries were becoming in debt to europe. it gave an excuse for them to go in.l America steps us and says we will intervene. if they owe money than we will help pay you back or pay you back and have them pay us back. we wont allow you to come over. consequences for those that do.
Slogan for Roosevelts policy
Speak softly and carry a big stick (in reference to colerary). In the western Hemosphere the US will be highly involved
Russia and Japan.. fighting
Roosevelt stepped in to mediate to come to peaceful resoultion (russia was struggling and wanted help). Both are a little upset but it ends peacefully. Rososevelt wins nobel peace prize for it.
Gentlemans agreement
schools wanted to Japanese and other asians. Japenses gets mad. bord goes to DC and Roosevelt gets him to agree that they will stop the flow of japanse laboers to american mainland by witholding passports Japanese laborers if the bord repeals the speration of Japense and others in school.
The Great White Fleet
Roosevelt sents the entire battleship fleet on a highly visible boyage around the world.. They were recieved warmly by the japanese.
Root-Takahira agreement
the us and the japanese pledged to respect eachothers territorial possessions in the pacific and to uphold the open door in china.