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This is the cornerstone justice and Law
Bill of Rights
3 words and first word starts with B
The English Bill of Rights guranteed certain rights to English citizens and declared that elections foh Parliement would happen how often?
a. never
b. sometimes
c. often
d. some what often
The French and Indian War beganin 1754 when both England and France claimed the:
Ohio River Valley
a.mississippi river
b. English Land
c. Ohio River Valley
The English Territory, before the French and Indian war, included the area(s)
13 colonies and the Hudson Bay
The Battle of Quebec, during the French and Indian war, was won by the:
WE are ....
The Treaty of Paris in 1763 stated that:
No colonist could settle west of the appachilian mountains.
The Navigation Acts stated that:
more profits could be collected for England
more profit...
Why was the sugar act passed by Parliement?
the end smuggling and raise profit.
to end wat?
Why was the Stamo act oassed by parliemnet?
because it was required an official stamp showing tax had been paid.
it required wat?
Why were the Townshend Acts that passed in 1767?
Prevented ciczens from holding town meetings, british soldiers housed in private home provided money to pat the salaries of royal offical
The Tea Act allowed to British East India company to do what?
to carry the tea without the usual heavy tax.
to carry...
Dressed as Mohawk Indians, during the boston tea party, were 60 members of the ?
Boston Tea Party
TWhy were Intolerable Acts passed by King George III and Parliement?
To punish Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party
to punish hoo??
The B attle of Lexington and Concord are known as:
the beginning of the revolutionary war.
the beginning...
The first continental congress met in what city?
The auothor of the Declaration of Independence.
Thomas Jefferson
The number of signers of the Declaration of Independence?
in the top 40..
The final draft of the Declaration of independence was signed in what date?
July 4, 1776
He was the leader of the western Indian tribe whithin the Ohio River.
a car..
He was the person who stated," I have not yet begun to fight"
John Paul Jones
THey were a secret citizebs group organized to protest the stamp act.
Sons of Liberty
son of...
This was another name for the British Soldiers, also called "lobsterbacks"
He was the ruler of Great Britian during the revolutionary war?
King George III
He is famous for stating," Give me liberty or give me death"
Pattrick Henry
whos the Star of spongebopb squarepants.
He was the first person who signed the Declaration of Independence.
John Hancock
He was the leader of the anti- british feelings in Boston and started the Committeeds of Correspondence.
Samuel Adams
He was made famous in a Henry Wadsworth Long fellow poem as he rode through out the countryside to warm th colonist of the coming of the redcoats to concord and Lexington.
Paul Revere
He was appointed the general of the COntinental troops and Lexington.
one of our president.
This was label given to a colonial militia person who needed to be ready to fight, given a mintues notice.
you should noe dis
He wrote " the crisis" and :common sense"
THomas Paine
He went through Pain..