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Why did the English settle in America?
For religious reasons, gold and silver, jobs and new opporutnities
What is a charter?
Contract/legal document for a certain amount of land
What were trading companies?
They were joint stock which meant they went in it with other people and shared profit and risk.
What are indentured servants?
They were servants who worked for 4-7 years in exchange for a passage to America
What makes indentured servants and slaves different?
Indentured servants WANTED to do it, and they became free at the end of their term
What was the Angilican Church?
The Church of England
Who was Henry VIII
A corrupt king who had 6 wives and belived very strongly in the divine right. He was all a king could be when he was young but turned evil over time.
What is a monarch?
A head of state, king, queen, sovereign
Who was Sir Walter Raleigh and where did he go?
He was acutally a seadog but he led the voyage to Roanoke
What happened to Roanoake when Raleigh returend 3 years later?
Everything was gone, no trace of evidence excpet for the words CROATOAN carved on a tree.
What was the missing colony called?
"Lost Colony"
What were Jamestown's difficulties?
-Built on swampland
-Brought gentlemen instead of skilled workers
-Spent all their time looking for gold
-Didn't Prepare for winter like planting crops and building shelters
-half died in the first year
Tell about JOhn Smith and the military discipline
The colony was on the verge of anarchy so John Smith took charge and said : NO WORK NO FOOD. And you had to work every morning at dawn until dusk and if you tried to steal food or anything you'd be shot.

but it did save them that winter.

*remember mr dool's talk about how hard military discipline was

*later john smith got injured and had to go back to england
Who is John Rolfe and what is he responsible for?

What was his thing that he was credited also known as?
he helped to save Jamestown also.

he realized about how to cure tabacco which made it have a sweet taste.

"a cash crop"
Who were Pilgrims and what did they believe?
They were septeratists who wanted to break awya from the Church of England
Name some of the hardships on the Mayflower and Speedwell
-Speedwell sprung a leak
-Got scurvy
-Not enough space and privacy
-No Doctors on board
-The sailors and pilgrims disliked eacother
-Mr. Martin was troublesome
-Hardly enough rations
What was the Mayflower Compact?
a contract or charter with a list of rules and all the signatures of the pilgrims before they got to the new land.

they had to make a new one since their original one wasn't for where they had landed.
Who was Squanto? Tell me about him
He was a native american who had gotten captured by the English and went to Spain and had to be a slave to the friars but they were actually nice to him. Later he found himself in London and learned all the ways of the English.

Later when the PIlgrims needed help he taught them how to catch eels, build homes, he knows thier language, could snare turkeys, scare crows, fertalize corns and beans ect.

"brother in sorrow" was a key line beacuse they gave Squanto a home because all his old village had died

and he gave them everyting when they had lost half their crew
What were the Puritan's beliefs?
That if you weren't like everyone else, you were wrong.

- "idlness is the devil's worshop"

as in if your not busy you'll do mischief

-"work hard and keep your nose clean"

as in work hard and keep out of trouble
What is a buffer?
To put something between you and your enemy.
Who were the Pennsylvania Dutch?
A group of german speaking Protestants
Define Persecute
To harass or punish people for their beliefs
Define Conform
To be like everyone else
Define heresy
A crime going against the church of england
to speak out against the norm
What is religious tolerance
Putting up with other religoins peacefully
What is a pacifist
A person who is against war