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Religious Freedom
Breaking away from the Catholic beliefs in Europe.
Political Freedom
People wanting out from under the Kings rule and taxes.
Economic Freedom
People wanted greater moral, social freedom for land ownership and jobs.
Divine Right
The King had people believe they were the only one that got direct authority from God.
Spanish Armada
Great Spanish Fleet sent by Phillip II to fight England.
The Year Francis Drake defeated The Spanish Armada and Englan became "The Mistress of the seas."
Charter of 1606
Those comming to America would retain their right of the Englishmen.
Magna Carta
Regognized Rights and priveliges of the Noble class by King John.
Plymouth Company
One of a group of London merchants grant the right to colonize in North America this in Maine and became discouraged and returned to Britian.
Roanoke Island
The first settlement just off the coast of North Carolina known as the Lost Colony. By Sir Walter Raliegh. Humphrey Gilbert was the 1st to attempt but was lost at sea. John Whites Dauther was the first Englishman born in America her name was Virgina Dare who was lost at Roanoke.
The Virginia Company of London
The expedition sent out three ships with 104 men some 40 mile up the James River thus called Jamestown. In the beginning most starved died of disease or hostile indian action. most settlers came with the intentions of finding gold and riches wasting time.
House of Burgess
The Settlers of Virginia were allowed to have a English common law and elect their own assembly.
English Protestants who did not believe the Church of england could be saved.
Anglican Church
The new Name for the Church of England that was out set from the Catholic Church..
The Church of England
Originally Catholic but change to Anglican and Protestant and back again to Catholic.
A group wanting to purify the Church of England of the rites of Catholic observances.
House of Burgess
The Settlers of Virginia were allowed to have a English common law and elect their own assembly.
Ship that brought the pilgrims to Plymouth
Mayflower Compact
A contract drawn up on board the Mayflower to lay the basis for governing the Plymouth Colony.
Seperation of Church and State
Roger Williams a Puritan Preacher Preached Seperation in Church and State Where the Indians should be paid for the land taken from them.
Fundamentamental Orders of Connecticut.
The movemnet and settling of Connecticut by Rev. Thomas Hooker providing the first written constitution.
Dutch West India Company
Established New Netherland - New Hampshire
A rradical religious sect That believed all persons had an inner light, and believed the recieved revelation directly from God. William Penn Chartered Pennsylvania as the City of Brotherly Love, The Society of friends. 3 things 1. Religious Tolleration, 2. Represititive Government, 3. Land will be sold cheap.
Society Of Friends
Holy Experiment
How William Penn used the money he recieved after his fathers died to repay his debt to charter a colony in America.
Maryland Toleration Act
Protected Religous Freedom for anybody in America
French Huguenots
French Protestants
Buffer Zone
Geogia was chartered by John Oglethorpe for a place to keep debtors thus saving the English prison system money and using them for a battle sheild if need be.
John Hawkins and Francis Drake
Fought The Spanish Armada
Humphrey Gilbert
Lost at sea looking for the Northwest passage.
Sir Walter Raleigh
Named Virginia
Captian John Smith
Founded Jamestown, Virginia
John Rolfe
Married Pocahontas and taught the settlers how to grow tobacco.
The first Indian to help the Pilgrims to grow corn.
John Winthrop and Richard Saltonsrall
Opened up the Massatucetts Bay Company
Roger Williams
Puritan Preacher that fought for the seperation of church and state
Anne Hutchinson
Puritan Follower a bit extreme had to depart because of her strong stand for womens rights.
Rev. Thomas Hooker Ferdinando georges, and John Mason
Started the move for the Fundemental order of Connecticut , opening up Manie and New Hampshire and Mass. for fishing
Peter Stuyvesant
Govenor of New Amsterdam ( New York)
Johnn Berkeley, George Carteret
Made New Jersey More Appealing to English settlers by granting settlers the right to elect an assembley.
William Penn
A quaker, who through the Holey Experiment chartered the city of brotherly love Pensyliania.
James Oglethoorpe
Reouested the Georgia Charter for Englands debtors.
Lord Baltimore
Established Maryland
Henry VIII
Broke from the Catholic Church and became angelican church of England
Elizabeth I
Daughter of HeneryVIII Reigned longest, stanch in the Protestant religous church of England. Was reigning during the Spanish Armada.
King John
Signed The Magna Carta Before His Death in 1215