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Touissant L'Ouverture
Late 1700s...Haitian general led slave uprising to revolt against British, Spanish, and eventually Napoleon...Earned the Haitians political rights as slave rights were established.
Water Frame
Invented by Richard Arkwright
James Watt
Steam Engine, easier transportation and energy
Jeremy Bentham, also felt that machines were beneficial to the majority of people, and thus was the best
"The Condition of the Working Class"
Engels argues that Industrial Revolution made workers worse off
Thomas Malthus
population outgrow food supply
Jean Jacques Rousseau
science and progress hurt mankind...mankind naturally good...believed in power of nature, emotion, and individualism
Caspar Friedrich
German- Painted Chalk Cliffs of Rugen
Eugene Delacroix
French - Painted the Lion Hunt
"Considerations of the Government of Poland"
Essay by Jean Jacques constitution of Poland...wants small states because large states often fall into anarchy
Intellectual movement in Russia...did not want liberal Western ideas...wanted their own traditions...rejected individualism and industrialization
Tupac Amaru II
Late 18th century...Leads rebellion in Latin America against the whites...was upset about the living conditions that the natives and slaves had to live under...rebellion was failure but led to tensions between penninsulars and creoles
Jose Morelos
Native Priest, took a mob of angry people and formed a great force...he wanted to abolish slavery, eliminate special privledges of Church...wanted to divide up farm land..declared Mexico a sovereign power and as a country with its own identity
Simon Bolivar
Latin American who studied enlightenment...used a lot of reason...wanted to expel Spain completely...necessary to install dictators in several occasions where civilians did not know how to handle power
"Reflections on Revolution of France"
By Edmond Burke...monarchies worked...certain people born to monarch = not allow selfish interests to come ahead of the community
Congress of Vienna - 1815
had to meet voting to wealthy...eliminated press/newspapers b/c they were threats to throne
Carlsbad Decrees
Germany limits the freedom of speech of professors and students at universities..did not want them teaching Liberal ideas
Francois Guizot
French statesmen, wants to restrict voting rights to the wealthy, a strong conservative, bourgeoisie did not like
Louis Blanc
Proposed that the government run places that can help the poor earning a living for their family. Problem was that unemployment was off the charts, and thus for the government to try to help the poor, it drained the treasury of France as they were trying to help as many as possible
June Days
1848- Government could no longer afford the workshops, and thus they closed them. The people that depended on these workshops became upset, and for 4 days there was conflict between the poor and the army of France. Massive chaos over what the new republic should look like.
Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte
Wins election as a result of people wanting to glorify the old vision of France with Napoleon. Thus the liberals lose their elected official, and Charles puts away the constitution and established himself as the dictator of France once again.
focuses on being realistic...must be flexible and absorb what you need to absorb in order for things to work. New philosophy is going to be dominated by conservatives. Want to make sure that power remains in the hands of those that are capable of wielding it. Willing to have certain elements of liberalism so long as it keeps people happy
Otto von Bismark
Prussian minister that used realpolitik to reach his goal of reaching a united nationalistic Germany. Argued that only the strong survive, thus he wanted to keep the conservatives in power and the liberals out of power. Use liberal means to achieve a conservative ending. Brings Kaiser Wilhelm to emperor position in order to unify the principalities
Frankfurt Parliament
While the princes were busy dealing with revolutions, the liberals met at Frankfurt Parliament in order to discuss new constitutional ideas. Failed from the get go because they were constantly concerned about policies about their economic needs and safety, and due to the fact that they had no power, and the princes did not want to give up their power. Lost support of the working poor.
Battle of Sedan
Without a leader, Germany was able to march into Paris without position and decisively end the Franco-Prussian war. They were able to capture Napoleon III
Wilhelm I
After the quick defeat of France, and the Siege of Paris, The King of Prussia arrives at Versailles and Wilhelm is crowned Emperor of Germany.
Erie Canal
Creates the “Empire State.” Able to grow cash crops that could be sold at markets that could then be sold across the sees to Europe. Canals allow farms to be linked to markets, helps develop upstate New York.
Know Nothing Party
Goal was to limit the immigration of Catholics and specifically the Irish Catholics. Felt that Catholic immigrants were being sent over by the Pope to vote and to take over our country. Wanted reforms on naturalization period, and wanted qualifications for leaders…must be protestants. Anti-catholic education reform
Missouri Compromise
James Townsend sends amendment for Missouri to be a state of slavery in return for Maine being admitted as a free state. Establishes a line of latitude at 36:30 in the Louisiana Territory
A positive good
John Calhoun and others....Slavery was not a necessary evil but instead a positive good.
Compromise of 1850
Reached to agree on land that was acquired in the war of 1846. Allows congress to avoid dealing with the issue head on
1) California is admitted as a free state 2)Utah, and New Mexico were made slave states by popular sovereignty 3) Fugitive laws were strengthened in that you must turn in escaping slaves 4)abolished slavery in Washington DC
Bleeding Sumner-1856
Gave a speech attacking the people behind the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which led to the insult of Preston Brooks from the South. Brooks felt that Sumner was speaking disrespectfully, and thus attacked Sumner with his cane. This showed how barbaric the South was to the north, while the South felt that Brooks was a hero.
John Brown
Leads a group of abolitionists, and starts a massacre as a result of pro-slavery men making moves to get their way. Begins killing pro-slavery men and becomes a hero for the north. Later led an attack on Harper’s Ferry in order to take weapons away in an attempt to spur tension that would help abolish slavery
Sherman's March to Sea
Atlanta, Georgia...used total war tactics
Henry Bessemer
developed new steel development technique...Bessemer process
William Perkin
purple dye...chemical engineering...Germans take over synthetic dye...opens door to medicine and TNT
William Sedwick
initiates public health law, agricultural improvements laws, sewer system
Public Heath Act
House need running water and drainage
Baron Haussmann
Re-designed city of buildings..rail lines.. place for leisure... enjoyable for middle class
Suez Canal
completed by French in order to link the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean...eliminates time and money to travel to India.
Mohamed Ahmead al-Mahdi
Led a revolt against Egypt which prompted Britain to send more troops to the Suez Canal to stop the violence. The result is that Egypt makes British a protectorate state, which gives them a lot more influence in the Suez Canal
Cecil Rhodes
wants full control of Africa...Foudned De Beers diamond company..hired missionary to fool Chief Lobengula
Chief Lobengula
Chief of tribe that signed over land and people to Cecil Rhodes through a deceptive contract. He went to the Queen of England to complain but she did not care at all. Exemplifies how people of Africa were truly victims to the imperialists rather than how they viewed themselves as philanthropists
Battle of Omdurman
British soldiers and their native allies were outnumbered by the native people, yet they were still able to demolish their opponent completely.
Comes from the bark of a tree, using chemical engineering, they were able to synthetically produce mass amounts to save armies from diseases. Enabled imperialism to spread further and more effectively
Karl Pearson
justified imperialism....human progress...The take-over of races and cultures is necessary to create the stepping stones of human advancement...spread influence or someone else will
White Man's Burden
Rudyard Kipling...justified imperialism because...Europeans trying to help Africans get rich
Albert Beveridge
argued for economic gains of keeping Puerto Rico, Guam, and Philippines...white man burden
standoff between France and England...almost led to war in Africa... France backed down.
HMS Dreadnought...biggest strongest, most effective naval ship of time...launched by England.
Bismark created this alliance because he did not want to have to fight a two front war if one broke out...made pack with Austria and Russia
Triple Alliance
Dreikaiserbond broken up...Germany sought new alliance with Austria/Hungary, and Italy...this was opposite of the Triple Entente which was Gb, France, and Russia
Black Hand
Secret military society of Serbia, Had a desire for Pan-Slavic kingdom to be centered around independent Serbia, rather than being ruled by Austria. Wanted to be an independent Slavic kingdom
Franz Ferdinand
Assassinated by the Black Hand, and allows for Austria to use this assassination to their advantage in order to humiliate Serbia even though their government had nothing to do with the assassination. Thus Austria consults Germany and they give an ultimatum to Serbia, but the Serbians do not oblige and they get Russia to back them up.
Schlieffen Plan
Plan by Bismark that it would take Russia 6-8 weeks to mobilize and get troops fighting front....throw everything at France...once done with France they could proceed to Russia...allow them to avoid two front war
Battle of Marne
Germans initiate Schlieffen Plan...storm through Belgium and towards Paris...French miraculously stop Germany
Battle of Somme
Plan for the British was to concentrate a huge amount of military fire power at one small area of the German line, and then push into their trenches, but what actually happened was that the Germans had dug their trenches so deep, that the shells did not penetrate...British troops demolished
Sinking of this luxury liner was the catalyst to get America involved in balance of power towards the Allies...Germans seek armistice as they are overwhelmed