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What is the Wilmost Proviso?
A bill that removed the right to allow slaveholders to take their slaves anywhere in the U.S. or its territories.
What was the Compromise of 1850?
A bill written by Henry Clay to create peace, that gave the North the abolition of slavery in Washington D.C., and made California a free state. The South was given the right to do what they will with slaves in territories won from Mexico, and new laws passed helping slaveholders find runaway slaves.
What was the Fugitive Slave Act?
An 1850 law to hlep slaveholders recapture runaway slaves.
What is the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
An 1854 law that establishede the territories of Kansas and Nebraska and gave their residents the right to decide wheter to allow slavery.
What was "Dred Scott vs. Sandford"?
An 1856 Supreme Court case in whic a slave, Dred Scott sued for his freedom because he had been taken to live in territories where slavery was illegal; the Court ruled against Scott.
What is Harpers Ferry?
A federal arsenal in Virginia that was captured in 1859 during a slave revolt.
What was the First Battle of Bull Run?
An 1861 battle of the Civil War in which the South shocked the North with a victory.
What was "Monitor and Merrimack"?
An 1862 battle between the Union's Ironclad, Monitor, and the South's "floating roof", Merrimack.
Who was George McClellan?
A major general in the Union Army during the Civil War, that made a large mistake by not "finishing off" the South when he had the chance, allowing the South to regain power and energy.
What caused the Republican Party to form?
A split between the Northern and Southern Whig Party.
Who won the Election of 1860 and why?
Abraham Lincoln won the Election of 1860 because the North had more people in it, otherwise, it would have been a tie between Lincoln and Breckinridge.
Which states seceded first? Who joined the Confederacy later on?
First Seced States: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas; Those who joined later: Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, and Arkansas.
What border states stayed with the Union? Why?
Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, Missouri, and West Virginia stayed iwht the Union. They did so because of Pro-Union leaders in state, Confederate invasions, and separations from other states.
What happened at Fort Sumter and how did the North react?
The South attacked Fort Sumter. The North responded with a blockade on the Confederate's coastline.
In the first two years of war, how did the North have success?
The North had success in that they won numerous battles, and had a winning strategy to blockade the South.
In the first two years of war, how did the South have success?
The South had success in that they won many battles in the East.
What were some of the Strengths of the South?
The South had Robert E. Lee, and was more motivated.
What were some weaknesses of the South?
Had less people, less resources.
What were the strengths of the North?
Had more people, resources, and Abraham Lincoln.
What were the weaknesses of the North?
Less motivated.