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basic principle of American Gov.
- states that gov. is restrited in what it may do
- each individual has rights that gov. cannot take away
limited gov.
a joining of several groups for a common purpose
-New England Confederation- "league of friendship" for defnese of against Native Americans
-dissolved in 1684
government can exist only w/ consent of the governed
-common feature of a constitition
-basis for every new state constitution
popular sovereignty
two-house legislature
one house legislature
formal approval to become an official state
chair elected by congress
presiding officer
government and its officers are subject to (and never above) teh law
Rule of Law
-pres can do this to any act of congress
government with split control
-one party occupies the white house and the other controls congress
divided government
to declare illegal, nul and void
pact made by the president directly with the head of a foreign state
executive agreements
formal agreement between two or more sovereign states
-needs to be approved by senate
powers, expressed, implied, or inherent, granted to teh National government by teh constitution
delegated powers
delegated powers of the ntl. government that are spelled out, expressly, in the constitution
-the "enumerated powers"
expressed powers
not expressly stated in the constitution but are reasonably suggested (implied by teh exprssed powers)
implied powers
belong to the ntl government because it is the government of a sovereign state w/in a world community
inherent powers
powers that the constitution does not grant to the ntl gov. and does not, at the same time, deny it to the states
reserved powers
powers that can be exercised by the national gov. alone
exclusive powers
powers that both the ntl gov and the states posses and exercise
concurrent powers