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What is the meaning of "Tonga" in their language?
South or friendly
Where is TOnga located in relation to other South Pacific Islands?
South of Samoa and East of Fiji
Where did the Ancient people of Tonga come From?
How did the people who came to Tonga live in the Beginning?
They bring their lifestyles from their origins. Sharing is one of the important aspects in the Tongan society.
How did the early people of tonga change their way of life they cam within adapting to the conditiond in their new home?
becoming fisherman and farmers. the Mua or chiefs came about to be a leader of a group in order to resolve problems or defending the people in the group.
What was the work or production system for the early people of Tonga?
Fishing, Farming, and Sharing
Who performed what kind of work?
the work is divided between men and women. Fishing-men, Farming-women, and sharing- everyone.
through times the skills and things made by the people changed, what were these changes and did they happend?
moving from PNG they used to do Pottery. when they migrate to TOnga they used wood to make crafts.