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What was the new government in Germany after WWI called?
Weimar Republic
Operation Barbarossa
The greatest land-air attack in the history of war; launched by Hitler against Russia and the east
free market economy ; economy governed by the laws of supply and demand; not the government
emperor of etheopia who pleaded with the League of Nations for help
Halie Selassie
the group in Rwanda that controlled Rwanda; the upper class
group in Rwanda that revolted against Tutsis and the Rwandan gov
Ho Chi Minh
helped found the french communism party; served as president of the democratic republic of Vietnam
conference where the allies worked out peace terms for germany
lead troops in N Italy in an unsuccessful revolt against Austrian Rule
Otto Von Bismark
appointed chief minister of Germany; brought forth the "blood and iron" policy to unify germany and expand its power
"restructuring' made Soviet economy more efficient
"openness" granted increased freedom of speech and the press to soviet citizens
Mikhail Gorbachev
soviet leader in 1985 to improve social and economic conditions; developed Perestroika and Glasnost
King Leopold of Belgium
owned large portion of central africa, the congo, as his personal colony, he exploited the congo a lot
Coalition Government
includes members of different political parties
Meiji restoriation
Japan experienced rapid and dramatic changes in every aspect of life under the meiji reign ( 1868)
Russo-Japanese War
Russia and Japan went to war over disputes involving Koria and Manchuria
Japan Won
regulates the nations economies to bring out a more even distribution of wealth among the population ( society is more cooperative than competitive)
WWII battle when the British and allied forces that had been separated from the main body of forces had to evacuate and defend themselves from the Germans
Show Trials/ Great Purge
campaigns of political repression and persecution in the Soviet Union by Stalin
involved a purge of communist party of the soviet union by spying on people and persecuting them
Francisco Franco
began revolt against democratically elected gov of Spain
started Spanish Civil War
alliances after WWII
in Russia
the farthest the german army got into Russia
founded Young Italy
wanted to unify Italy under represintative gov
was the "soul" of Italian unification
Schlieffen Plan
German Generals overall strategic plan for victory on the Western Front against France
almost worked in the first month of WWI
the end of a war
when the warring parties agree to stop fighting
Boer War
the Dutch africans were being kicked out so they fought the Brits for their land
Balfour Declaration
was a classified formal statement of policy by the British government on the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of the World War I.

Control of Balkans
two wars in South eastern Europe when the Balkan League conquered Ottoman
Kellog Briand Pact
condemned the use of war to solve international problems and called for a peaceful settlement of disputes
The Berlin Conference
a conference held to divide africa
it recognized that countries could establish colonies that they owned, mark an area as a "sphere of influence" or turne a weak country into a "protectorate"
Cambodian Communist that was also a leader of the Khmer Rouge movement
Nikita Khruschev
the chief director of the USSR after the death of Stalin
the Russian Space station that sent its first module into orbit in 1986
German submarines that waged unrestricted war on allied ships
Program designed to help germany pay its reparations of WWI
Dawes Plan
Chairman Mao
made china a comunist nation in 1949
the long march
mao led communits to Shaanxi on this 6,000 mile march
Soviet who was the 1st person to orbit the earth
Taiping Rebellion
when rebels wanted to overthrow the Manchu Dynasty because it allowed China to become weak
archduke that was killed by the black hand on June 28
Franz Ferdinand
Adam Smith
belived that nations should let supply and demand govern the economy
believed in "the invisible hand"
wrote "Inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth ofnations"
began Cuban Missile Crisis
Francesco Franco
started spanish Civil war
Jean-Bertrand Aristide
second elected leader of Hati
region in NE china that was gained by Japan after the Russo-Japanese war
14 points
were a set of principles proposed by united states president Woodrow Wilson as a basis for ending WWi
Article 231
result of treaty of Versailles that states that germany is responsible for WWI
Sir Alexander Flemming
british scientist who discovered penicillin in 1928
Grigory Rasputin
siverian peasant, healer, and holy man
served as an advisor to the last russian czar Nicholas II
" The final Solution"
a euphemism for the nazi plan to murder all european jews
lend-lease act
passed by FDR

permitted US to sell,lend, or lease military equipment to allies
fashoda incident
over territorial disputes in africa between britain and france

french received all land west of the nile and congo rivers

britain's position in egypt is confirmed
maginot line
line of defenses which french constructe along its borders with germany and italy
benito mussolini
italian dictator in 1922
south african government's policy of racial segregation

classified as:
3)mixed race
red vs. whites
russian civil war

whites= democrats
reds= communists

reds get the sweet sweet victory in 1921
leon trotsky
head of the red army
served under lenin
classical liberalism
doctrine with a heavy emphasis on free markets and individual freedom from restraint
bataan death march
japan takes over philippines
japs kill 10,000 people on this death march
US and Britain invade Normandy and take back france

June 6, 1944