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How did Islam spread to West Africa?
Through trade – North African Arab Muslims brought their culture to West Africa through the trans-Saharan trade.
Why would West African rulers allow North Africans to bring their religion to West Africa?
Money – First of all… it’s inevitable that with cultures interacting, cultures will mix. Secondly, West Africa had a lot to gain monetarily from acceptance of the North African culture.
What did the Arabs trade?
Salt, Silk, Books, Copper, and Horses
What did the West Africans trade?
Ivory, Gold, and Slaves
What where the Crusades?
A series of Holy Wars
Who started the Crusades?
The Christians
At the end of the Crusades, who won?
The Muslims
What were the Crusades about?
Fighting for control over the Holy Land;; Jerusalem
What was the Renaissance period?
Means “rebirth” – It was the transition from the medieval world to the modern in regard to architecture, art, literature, and learning – began in Italy and spread to other countries from the 1300s – 1500s
What was refomation?
A Protestant religious movement of the 1500s that challenged the power of the Catholic Church