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Normally only a ____ from a _________'s _________ could be a ________
male from a nobleman's family could be a knight
Age _, a boy became a ____
seven, a page
The boy becoming a page learned ________ _________
proper manners
Age 7 a boy became a page, also began learning to use
In his teen years the boy became a _____
When a boy became a squire, he learned to
A squire would _____________ the knight to _______, but did not ________
accompany the knight to battle, but did not fight
About age __, he had to demonstrate his fighting skills in _______
21, he had to demonstrate his fighting skills in batttle
If he did well, he became a knight in a ceremony called
Code of behavior for knights
Emphasized _______, ________ _____, _______ and good _______
bravery, fighting fairly, honesty and good manners
Estate that a nobleman owned was called a
A fief might have numnerous
Almost everything the people of the manor needed was grown or manufactered there
Vast majority of people in the middle ages were
Most peasants were
Serfs were NOT
Serfs could not leave the manor without the lord's
As the _________ ______ ________ declined, its territory fell under the control of ___________
western Roman Empire fell under the control of barbarians
Extremely fierce
The Huns
Were from Asia
The Huns
Their most famous leader was Attila
The Huns
Known as the "scourge of God"
The Huns
Settled in present day Freance and Western Germany
The Franks
His wife was a Christian
He promised he would become a Christian if he won a certain battle
After winning, ______ was baptized and he forced __________ _____ ___ ______ to be baptized with him
Clovis was baptized and he forced thousands of his soldiers to be baptized with him
United the Franks under one government
Known as the founder of the French nation
Sent troops to Italy
Pepin the Short
Whose troops defeated the Lombards?
Pepin the Short's
_____ then gave some of the Lombard's land to the _____
Pepin the Short then gave some of the Lombard's land to the Pope
Land was called the ________ ___ _____ or the _________ _______
donation of Pepin or Papal States
Son of Pepin the Short
Charlemagne or Charles the Great
Excellent general
Charlemagne or Charles the Great
His many military victories nearly doubled the size of the Frank's empire, his empire included _________ ___ ________, __________ _____, ____________ _____ and ________ _____
present-day France, western Germany, northern Spain and northern Italy (Charlemagne)
In AD 1200, the pope named him "___ _______ __ ___ _______"
the emperor of the Romans
In theory, he was the _____ _______ emperor in _________ ___ years
first Roman emperor in hundreds of years
In truth Charlemagne's empire was only ________ ___ and it was quite different from the _________ ______ empire
loosely united and it was quite different from the earlier Roman
_________'s new title meant ______ _____
Charlemagne's new title meant very little
A few decades after Charlemagne's death, his
three grandsons divided the empire among themselves
Also called Norsemen or Northmen or Normans
Vikings were also known as
Northmen, Norsemen and Normans
The Vikings
Good sailors
The Vikings
In the early they lived in -later they moved to other areas
Middle Ages they lived in Scandinavia
They probably reached _______ ______
The Vikings, North America
Towns and cities decreased in ________, people moved to ____ ________
population, people moved to rural areas
There was much ______ during the Middle Ages
Little trade or travel occurred because of _________ _______, ______ _____ and _____
poor roads, poor bridges and robbers
Most kings were ___ ____ ________
not very powerful
System of dividing ladnd that began in western Europe
A person who owned the land was called a
person who received the land was called a ______
How did feudalism work?
A person called a lord would give part of it to another person
The vassal (person that recieved land from the lord) would promise to do several things including
1. providing military assistance to the lord
2. help pay for the lord's ransom of he were captured
The land that the lord gave to the vassal was called a
Vassals often divided their land among other vassals-therefore a person could be both a
lord and a vassal
Lords, vassals, other knights and their families were called
When a lord or vassal died, his land was normally inherited by the
oldest son
Mock battles held by knights were called
These were also called a joust
some _________ were not serfs-this group had more _________
peasants,-this group had more freedom
peasants made up ___% of the population
Nobles made up __% of the populatioin
Became extremely powerful during the Middle Ages
Roman Catholic Church
secular clergy-name from lowest to highest
1. parish priests
4. Pope
In charge of the RCC in a community called a parish
Parish priests
Wife was a christain
Promised to become a christian if he won a certain battle
after winning, he was baptized and had thousands of his soldiers baptized with him
United the franks under one government
Known as the founder ofthe french nation
sent troops to italy
pepin the short
defeated the lombards
pepin the short
pepin gave some of the lombard's land to the pope-was called
papal states
the pope was now a ________ leader as well as a ________ leader
political leader as well asa religious leader
son of pepin the short
charlesmagne or charles the great
excellent general
his many military excursions nearly doubled the frank's empire-his empire included present day france, western germany, northern spain and northern italy
pope crowned him "emperor of the Romans"
in theory, was the first in hundreds of years
western roman emperor , charlesmagne
in truth 's empire was only loosely united and it was quite different from the earlier roman empire
after his death, his 3 grandsons divided his empire among themselves
the holy roman empire was made up of
mainly present day germany-also included present day austria, switzerland and other areas