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guerilla warfare
Spain fought back using guerilla warfare, hit and run tactics
Fall of Napoleon:
as French forces move in Alexander and his forces move out, he destroys crops, property, and anything essential to the French, he wants Napoleon to get stuck in Russian winter , one of the biggest mistakes Napoleon made
Continental system:
All European ports were closed to British ships, smuggling British goods became widespread, , hurt his economy in the end, needed to trade, but didn't hurt his popularity
Napoleon forced to advocate, sent to Elba for about a year
Napoleon's map change of Europe:
changed map through military successes, added lands such as parts of Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
Napoleon forced to step down from power, sent to Elba for a year
ballot or vote that would let the people approve or disapprove of changes, issued by Napoleon everytime he rose in power
june 18 1815
Napoleon defeated for the second time at the battle of Watterloo
Battle of Trafalgar:
took place on the coast of Spain, British navy crushed France's fleet
Battle of the Nations
forces from Britain, Russia, Austria, and Prussia joined together against Napoleon, he was defeated
The significance of the corination ceremony:
Napoleon took the crown from the Pope and placed it upon his head.
Napoleon became a political leader in France, took over the Directory, and set up the Consulate
Economic policies of Napoleon:
regulate prices, incourage new industry, built roads, canals, improved transportation system
Battle of Nations, forces join together and defeat Napoleon
Concordat of 1801
Napoleon mad an agreement with the Church, which kept it under the control of the gov't, but allowed Catholics religious freedom
concert of Europe
by Metteorich, peace keeping organization, included all major pwers of Europe who wanted a balance of power
Social policies of Napoleon:
strong supporter of schools, believed if you had well-educated individuals, they would already be trained and ready for the military
Napoleon declared Consulate of life, have himself become emperor of France
Napoleons backround:
Italian, born on Corsica, ruled by the French at the time. Family of lesser nobles, some social standing but very little money. Sent to France at 9 for military school, becomes a luietenant at age 20.
Alexander I pulled out of the Continental System
Dispute with Spain:
Napoleon took it over and replaced the monarch with his brother Joseph
The Battle of Waterloo
Napoleon is defeated for the second time, by military forces coming together, then sent to St. Helena
Napoleon and his supporters would take over the Directory, and set up a consulate. 3-man governing panel, Napoleon really held the power though.
purpose of the Congress of Vienna
to restore order to Europe, needed leadership and stability, wanted to protect system of monarchy,
Napoleonic Code:
new code of law, strongly influenced by ideas of the Enlightenment, such as natural rights, equalities, but took away women's few rights
Napoleons death in St. Helena where he was forced to advocate a second time
balance of power
legitimacy was restored, salitified the power of the monarch, families were given back their monarch position
fix map of Europe, simply tp keep France from causing any problems, surrounded France by strong countries
March 1815
Napoleon escapes the island of Alba and makes his way back to France
dispute with Russia
Alexander I pulled out of the Continental System, needed to trade with Britain
members of the Congress of Vienna
Representatives were Austria-Metteornich, Russia- Czar Alexander I, Britain- Lord Castlereagh, Prussia- King William II, (France- Tallyrand)
Napoleon took over Spain, and replaced the monarch with his brother Joseph