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How did the two rivals cooperate in the first place?
They split the empire.
Who was Pyrrhus?
A Greek king
How did the goverment try to appease the people?
They tried to appease the people with bread and circuses.
Who conquered the Gaul in Rome?
Early in Romes history, what people occupied the Po River valley in the north?
The Guals
Who led Rome to victory in Jerusalem in 63 bc?
Who were the two main people to take the place of Caesar?
Antony and Octavian
What did Caesar do to secure his position and to improve Rome?
He freely pardoned old enimies and won admiration, he proved himself a friend to the poor.He made good manners with everyone.
When was Caesar murdered?
March 15th, 44bc
Explain the collapse of the republic?
as Rome increased in wealth and power and the rich and poor grew further apart the republic crashed.
Why was Caesar murdered?
Because they wanted to restore the old goverment
What is Italy shaped like?
High-heeled Boot
What two large islands lie near Italy?
Sardini and Sicily.
Which title was Octavian's favorite?
What did the title mean?
Princeps which means first citizen.
What three wars where fought against the rival?
The Punic wars
What city became Rome's chief rival?
Which tribe established the city of Rome?
What is a republic?
A form of goverment in which all the citizens who are entitled to vote participate in decisions through the elected repersenatives.
Who eventually took over?
When did he defeat his rival?
31 bc
What daring Carthagian genreal led a large group of men,horses, and elephants over the alps to attack?
What attitude did rome hope its conquered lands would have toward the Empire?
That they would become part of it.
Whay was the site of Rome such a good place for the city?
beacuse they where near the water but not in a posistion to get attacked by sea traders.
What is Rome's place in Daniels prophecy?
Strong as Iron
Where did Rome get most of its gods?
From other tribes like Etruscan, Greek, Persian, and Egyptian.
What geographical land mark to the north of Italy that keeps the cold winds out of Italy?
The Alps
Give three examples of the many groups of philosophers in ancient rome?
Stoics, Epicureans, Skeptics
What river is Rome near?
Tiber River
After the monarchy had come to an end, what body became the most important part of the Roman republic?
The senate becam the most powerful body in the Roman republic.
Who established colonies on the island of Sicily and the southern Italian mainland?
The Greeks
What became the god of the Romans?
Who are the Patricians?
The wealthier class of Rome
What did Julius Caesar do when the senate ordered him to disband his army?
He desobeyed and crossed the Rubicon river.
What did the bible call Octavian?
Caesar Agustus which means revered
Who are the Plebeians?
The lower class of Rome.
What people built the first cities in Italy?
The Etruscans
What was the Pax Romana?
two hundred years of the roman Empire remembered as a time of peace and prosperity
What did Rome form in the fourth century B.C. as a defensive alliance against the Etruscans?
The Latin league
Where did the title emporer come from?