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What was the main issue that sparked the Civil War?
State's rights; the "secession question."
What battle occured where Stonewall Jackson was killed by his own men?
What was the main goal of Southern diplomacy during the Civil War?
To persuade Great Britain to recognize the independance of the Confederacy and provide aid.
Why did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclaimation?
1. To keep G. Britain from recognizing the South by appealing to the strong anti-slavery feeling.

2. Encourage blacks to join the war.

3. To revive Northern morale
3 reasons
What military victory helped Lincoln win the 1864 election?
The fall of Atlanta to Sherman
Name 2 causes of the Civil War?
1. State Sovereignity
2. Slavery
3. Patriotism
What city was the key to the Mississippi Campaign?
What requirements did the Military Reconstruction Act set down for the South so they could be reconstructed?
1. Didvided the remaining Confederate states into 5 military districts. each headed by a president appointed governor. (To keep peace...)
2 requirements
What was the effect of Reconstruction on Southern voting as a whole region?
The South became solidly Democratic w/ political unity to elect only governors, state legislation, and congressman of their party.
What did each of the Reconstruction Ammendments accomplish?
13th- Abolition of slavery
14th- Gurantee of citizen rights
15th- Gurantee of voting rights
Why was Grant such a poor president?
He allowed Congress to overpower him and various scandels to take place; lacked experience and passion.
What events resulted from the Civil War and Reconstruction?
1. Slaves were freed
2. South became solidly Democratic
3. Powers of Federal Government were expanded
3 events
What city did the North want to capture at the beginning of the war?
Richmond, VA
What state was formed in 1863 during the Civil War?
West Virginia
How did Lincoln and Johnson differ w/ the Radicals in Congress concerning the responsibility for Reconstruction?
Lincoln and Johnson both believed the respnsiblity for reconstruction belonged to the president rather than Congress/radicals.