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Who controlled Palestine
Where was the fear of assualt from during the high middle ages
Inside Europe, Europeans attackng Europeans
How were the muslims towards other relgions, and how
Tolerant, Christians and Jews allowed to visit
What happened in 1081
Battle of Manzicurt
When was the battle of Manzicurt
Describe the battle of Manzicurt
Seljuk turks against Alexius I , Turks win, Alexius sent letter to pope, wants money
What did Alexius send after the battle of Manzicurt
Letter to pope asking for support
Who was the pope who called the first crusade
Pope Urban II
How and why did the Pope launch the crusade
saw letter as a way to expand church, spoke in france to launch crusades
Where was Pope Urban II's speech
The Council of Clermont, in France
What council was made of of church leader and french nobles
The council of clermont
What emotions did the pope use to entice people to go on crusades
Instant Salvation, Makes Muslims look like monsters, If you live you get a clean slate
Who could not go on the crusades
Priests or clergy without permission from Bishop, Women without permission, Those unable to carry arms, Old and feeble
What means cross in latin
What does Crux mean
What did people sew onto their clothing
Red Cross
What outlawed fighting from Sunday to Wednesday
Truce of God
What did the Truce of God do
Outlaw fighting from Sunday to wednesday
What means the inheritence of the oldest sone, oldest son rights
Why did some go
Larger population, youngest sons wants land, everyone wanted land
What motivated knights to go
use military skills
What motivated younger sons
Gain land and social status
What motivated nobles
What motivated Peasants
Feudal bonds
What about Debtors
Debtors had debts cancelled
What motivated criminals
Escaped punishment
What did the church promise
Protection of land and family
What religous thing motivated people
Assured place in heaven, Instant Salvation
What happened in 1096
The Peasant's Crusade
When was the Peasant's Crusade
When was the Peasant's Crusade
What happened in the peasant's crusade
Went to Constantinople, Emperor Alexius would not let them in, Shipped to asia minor, massacred by turks
When was the first crusade
Who went on the First Crusade
Who from France went on the first crusade
Robert of Normandy, William the Conquer's son
Who went on the first crusade fom rht Byzantine
Alexius Comnenus - Alexius I
Where was the meeting place for the First Crusade
What challenges did Alexius's men face during the first crusade
Ran out of food, head and severe thirst
What happened when all the people that the pope had called arrived at the gates on Constantinople
Emperor alexius onl let a few in at a time, Oath to Byzantine Emperor - Give him land
What were the Muslims called
Where was the holy city
Name the Crusader states created after the first crusade
The county of Edessa, the principality of Antioch, The kingdom of Jerusalem, the county of tripoli
What problems did the crusader states face
Divisions, Querrels, Supplies from Italian Mercahnts
What happened from 1147-1149
The Second Crusade
When was Edessa conquered by the Turks
What was it called when the turks took over Edessa
conquest of Esessa
Why was the second crusade called
Conquest of Edessa
Who was the pope at the time of the second crusade
Pope Eugenius III
Who went on the second crusade
King Louis VII, HRE Conrad III
Where was the meeting place of the second crusade
Who won the Second Crusade
Who united the Muslims
What did Saladun do
United Muslims