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Where and When did the Renaissance start?
Italy 14th century
Why did it start there?
Italy during this time was very intellectual and artsy. Italy had very wealthy middle and higher classes (money for patronage)and they mingled to share ideas. education was priority
Who is considered the father of Renaissance Humanism?
What is a Petrarchan sonnet?
14 lines, written in iambic pentameter
How were women treated during the Italioan Renaizzance?
Seen as unimportant - married y oung for child bearing
Who was Niccolo Mahiavelli? What was his most famous work? What were its premises?
The prince - end justifies the means - how to be an efficient ruler
What were the eight main premises set in place by the treatise The Prince?
1. follow in steps of someone great
2. better to be feared than loved
3. be careful of getting poer through bad ways
4. be dedicated to war
5. no mercenaries
6. no allies stronger than you
7. sly like a fox, ferocioius like a lion
8. no cruel ways over and over - once harshly
Name the 5 major artists of the Renaissance
Botticeli, daVinci, Raphael, Michaelangelo, Donatello
Why did Renaissance Humanism begin to decilne
French invasion, Rome (cultural center) was sacked - not center of trade anymore. Counter-reformaiton. Roman chuch take control of literature and art to spread Catholicism
What is Christian Humanism?
educating but using bible as source of all knowledge
Who was the "prince of Christian Humanism"? Describe his writing styles.
Erasmus - phamplets and treatises, serious in nature, also wrote biting satirical pieces, very witty.
What happened to Sir Thomas More?
he was friends with Henry VIII - murdered at scaffold because he refused to pledge allegiance to Church of England and is executed.

Was lord chancellor and advisor to Henry VIII, celebrated writer in England.
Name the two main artists of the North
Rabelais (French) and Durer (German)