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the low middle ages were when, dude?
500- 800?
in the low middle ages, what strictly defined social class?
who were the two classes in feudalism?
lord and serf
what did lords do?
controlled by fief
what's a fief?
Under feudalism, a landed estate given by a lord to a vassal in return for the vassal's service to the lord. The vassal could use the fief as long as he remained loyal to the lord.
is a fief also a piece of land?
yes, it is the land a lord gets from the ruler to control for himself
who are serfs?
peasants who work
what was the only central power, & the most powerful institution, in Europe in the middle ages?
the Roman Catholic Church
When did the Byzantine Empire last until?
the 17th century
When were the high middle ages?
when the popes smoked joints,
no actually, 1050- 1450
why did the pope call for the crusades?
to 'free' the Holy Land (Israel)
who were the Crusades against?
The Islamic Empire
what was the effect of the Crusades on European monarchs?
Exposed them to the wealth of the Eastern world
what happened to individual kingdoms in the high middle ages?
they gained power
what was the Byzantine Empire?
the Eastern Empire
what are indulgences?
payments to the church to reduce time in purgatory. You pay, your sins are reduced.
Buonarroti Family-- were they noble?
No, they were distinguished but not nobles
Who was the father of the Buonarrotis?
What did Ludovico Buonarroti want?
upward social mobility.
Did Ludovico see Michelangelo as a talented genius and value him as a person, or what?
Or what. He saw Michelangelo as a meal ticket.
What was Raphael like?
He was young, a well-respected painter, who was a gentleman-- polite, nice, generous and refined.
What was the Temptation in the Garden about?
Adam and Eve
What was Michelangelo like?
older, also respected, but brooding, moody and had a personal hygiene issue. He smelled??