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The Act which was designed to prevent adulteration and mislabeling of food and drugs.
Pure Food & Drug Act
Act aimed at the rebate evil
Elkins Act
It provided for more elasticity of the currency by autorizing national banks to issue emergency currency backed by various kinds of collateral.
Aldrich Breeland Act
This zealous apostle of conservation headed the Division of Forestry in the Department of Agriculture
Gifford Pinchot
In 1908 he was defeated in his third and final try for the presidency
William J. Bryan
This noval was aimed at the nation's heart, but hit its stomach
The Jungle
An organization established to protect the national environment
Sierra Club
Controversial tariff which came under William Taft presidency.
One of the principal leaders of the "insurgent"revoly in the house, he was at the beginning of a long career spent in representing Nebraska in Congress.
George Norris
Successor to Reed as Speaker of the House, he led the Old Guard faction and ruled the roots until Repulican "insurgents" combined with minority Democrats to clip his wings
Joseph Cannon
The liner sunk by the Germans in May, 1915, off the coast of Ireland with the loss of 1,198 lives.
In on eof their worst blunders, the Germans executed this english nurse for her part in helping allied soldiers to escape
Edith Cavell
He first came to public attention as the efficient administrator of Belgian relief.
Herbet Hoover
Germany, Austria-Hungry, Turkey, Bulgaria
Central Powers
France, Britain, Russia, Japan, Italy
Allied Powers