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What is weed science?
the study of weedy plant species that interfere with human activities and generally associated with a certain degree of management
What is the Weed Science Society of America's definition of a weed?
plants originating under natural environments and in response to imposed environments, interfere with human activity
What was the first event in weed history?
salting the earth in Carthige by Romans
What is the total amount of time spent controlling weeds in under developed countries?
How much moneyis lost yearly in the US?
$5 billion
What is the losses for Florida in yield and total economic impact?
Over $283 million in yield;
$3.5 billion in total economic impact
What factors go into the economic losses due to weeds?
herbicides, loss in yield, loss in quality, loss in extra land preparation/cultivation, loss in land value, loss in increased harvesting costs
What are the biggest commodities?
turf, pasture, citrus, sugarcane
What are 6 examples of detrimental impact?
1) direct competition for resources
2) money
3) reduce land value
4) harbor harmful pests
5) interference with water management and flood control
6) interferes with transportation and recreation
What detrimental impact is gerkins in the peanut wagon?
quality because it causes a drying problem
What is phytophotodermatis?
sensitivity to light in livestock causing cracking
Who was Jethro Tull?
he was the first to plant crops in rows
In what ways can weeds impair the quality of livestock?
mechanical/physical irritation
sensitivity to sunlight
poisonous--internal bleeding, digestive problems
Cause abortion
taint milk
What are the characteristics of r-strategy annuals?
large number of offspring with high dispersion potential
small seeded annuals
pioneering species
self cross
lot of energy into reproduction