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what is commedia dell'arte and what year did it start
1500 - first form of improv and was started in italy
who was Moliere
1600 - what he wrote was based on religious hypocricy and he wrote "Tartuffe" and was told to rewrite it because of religious hypocricy. he was a follower of commedia dell'arte and lived in France
what is kabuki
1600- a japanese form of improv and drama
Shakespeare's work
1600 - Midsummer Night's Dream, MacBeth, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, Twelfth Night
1600- bringing back the works, paintings, and theatre of the Greeks and Romans, started in France
Ballad Opera, and man
1700 - England, same form of commedia dell'arte but with music, makes fun of government, John Gay wrote "Beggar's Opera"
Sarah Bernhardt
1860 - sang, acted, directed, from France
expressionism and man
1900 - Germany, serious, symbolic, dark, Ernest Tolst wrote "Man fo teh Masses"
Samuel Beckett + example
1940 - Irish American, theatre of the senseless, pointless, theatre of the absurd, querky, "Happy Days"
Tennessee Williams - 2 plays and characteristics of the characters
"Can on a Hot Tin Roof" "Street Car named disire" characters - from the south, depressed, at least one alcoholic, abusice
August Wilson
1970-Today - first African American woman to portray African American life on stage "Fences"
Julie Taymor
1970-Today - wrote the lion kind for on stage, known for elaborate set design and choreography
Wendy Wasserstein
1970- Today - German American, "crimes of the heart" deal with rape and abortion
three types of comedy and what they are, an example
low comedy - physical, farce, exaggerated, senseless, chaotic - Noise is Off
middlebrow comedy - more plot, romantic, more planned, little more realistic - Arsenica and Old Lace
High comedy - makes fun of individual poeple, satirical, makes fun of upper class - The Importance of Being Ernest
exposing human folly