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Freud fascination
talking cure
Anna O. coined term, memory/talking about instance during hypnosis led to disappearance of symtom, catharsis
Jung, personal unconsciousness (repressed or forgotten experiences) and collective unconscious (inherited ethnic, racial, and genetic experiences of ancestry, containing archetypes)
penis envy
part of Electra complex, caused by desire for father
Freudian slip, unconscious freed, say something that accidentally reveals true meaning
inner circle
Freud's group - Adler, Sachs, Rank, Ferenczi, Abraham, Jung
prototypes or masks, personality = collection of archetypes choose to wear
the Zoist
Elliotson memerism journal
the bacquet
circle of people all holding hands to enhance animal magnetism of Mesmer
neurypnotic state
Braid's hypnotic states tied to neurophysiology in which people became suggestible
hypnosis, animal magnetism, Mesmer, Elliotson, Braid
Nancy School
school Freud studied at, patients that could not be hypnotized but followed firm suggestions
neurotic anxiety
caused by Electra complex desire for father
Oedipus complex
Freud, desire for father leads to castration with father and castration envy
Electra complex
desire for father leads to penis envy and neurotic anxiety
Adler inferiority complex - feelings of inferiority --> striving for superiority
sex drive
death drive
animal magnetism (mesmerism) as cure for illnesses, bacquet enchances, Vienna
mesmerism to perform surgery, Ziost journal, England
mesmerism as anethestic in India, gave some credibility back to mesmerism
rejected animal link to mesmerism and tied it to neurophysiology - called it Nuerypnotic state (become suggestible)
monads as immaterial self-motivating dynamic entities that worked from unconscious
notion of unconsciousness conflict of ideas striving to exceed the limen of consciousness
professor early in Freud's training, rmphasized preceding traditions and those of Kant with the emphasis on active dynamic mind
concepts of life force (--> psychic determinism), human continuity with irrational animal impulses (id)
join with Breuer at start, Anna O case, study with Charcot - found hypnosis doesn't work with everyone, study at Nancy School; found alleviated symptoms were replaced with new symptoms, free association, repressed sexual trauma/fantasies/wishes were driving force behind hysteria, dream analysis
worked with Freud, Anna O. case - talking cure
treated male hysteria patients (so hysteria not = wandering womb)
studied with Freud at Nancy School with patient that could not hypnotize
gave anxiety patient to Freud to work with b/c felt sexual tension was a problem
paired with Freud after Freud split with Breuer
interpretation of dreams, reduced Freud's emphasis on sexuality, founded Analytic Psychology movement, archetypes and collective unconscious, purpose of personality is to see balance between subconscious and conscious forces, archetypes, behavior at times of crisis is governed more by collective unconscious, emphasize nurture not nature
work with Freud, penis envy should be viewed as symbolic of envy over male domination in society, theory was vague and untestable, personality motivated by positive striving (pull) toward perfection (success) in goal attainment rather than negative push from id, inferiority complex (feelings of inferiority-->strive for superiority), emphasis on psychosocial aspects of striving for goals rather than energy reduction
American Institute for Psychoanalysis, rejected literal concept of penis envy as symbolic of male domination; agree with Freud on unconscious motivation and primacy of emotional drives, defense mechanisms, transference, free association, dream analysis; disagree with Freud on strict compartmentalization of superego/ego/id, sexual origins of psychopathology (sex is effect not cause of emotional problems); Oediple/Electra from overprotection and insecurity not unfulfilled desires
modern persons are lonel alienated from self and society and modern existence sucks b/c no connection with self or others, life and personality are search for security as try to escape from lonliness of modern world, overuse of defense mechanisms lead to psychopathology, human needs transcend hunger/sex/thirst (need for relatedness, development, belong, personl identity, consistent orientation), existential --> humanistic, argued for client-centered therapy and moved people into humanism
student of Wundt, dimensia preacox (youthful insanity), link psychosis to chemical imbalance, lots psychoanalysis b/c biochemical/med problems not behavior
Freud & Breuer: Studies on Hysteria (1895)
theory of sexual themes (repressed sexual child memories), reviews case of Anna O., marks formal foudning of psychoanalysis
Freud (1900): Interpretation of Dreams
unconsciousness was only free when one's father died
Freud (1901): The Psychpathology of Everyday Life
concept of Freudian slip developed
In what ways did Adler/Horney reject Freud's notion of penis envy?
penis envy should be viewed as symbolic of envy over male domination in society
Adler's individual psych is characterized as more positive than Freud's negative approach. How is it more positive?
personality was motivated by posotive striving toward perfection in goal attainment (not negative push from id like Freud)
Horney agreemnt with Freud
unconscious motivation, primacy of emotional drives, defense mechanisms, transference, free association, dream analysis in therapy
Horney disagreement with Freud
strict compartmentalization of superego/ego/id, sexual origins of psychpathology (sexual problems as effect not cause of emotinal problems), Oedipal and Electra complex result from overprotection/insecurity/rejection and not unfulfilled sexual desires
Similarity between Fromm and Horney
both saw life and personality as a search for security as we attempt to escape from lonliness of modern world
Fromm's 5 basic human needs
1. Need for relatedness - via love and understanding
2. Need for Development - of creative and rational thinking
3. Need to belong - to and be part of the environment
4. Need for personal identity - that distinguishes us from out surroundings
5. need for consistent orientation - that allows us to understand ourselves in relation to our environment
Jung's Personal unconscious
repressed or forgotten expereinces
Jung's collective unconscious
inherited ethnic, racial, and gentic experinces of ancestry, contianing the archetypes (birth, death, unity, power...)
dynamic psychology
psychology based on free will and active mind, Leibniz/Herbart/Kant/Brentano/Stumpf - opposed to passive mind, ex. Gestalt
broke away for new psychoanalysis, Jung, Horney, Adler...
one of Freud's inner circle