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What did The Land Ordinance of 1785 do?
It provided for the rectangular land survey of the Old Northwest. The survey was completed following the end of the Revolutionary War and provided a systematic way to divide and distribute land to the public.
In what year did Congress pass the Homestead Act, what was this legislation designed for, and what impact did it have?
It was passed in 1862, and provided 160 acres of land to settlers for a fee of $18 and a guarantee of five years of residence. The result was the settlement of 270 million acres, or 10 percent of the land area of the United States.
In what year did Congress pass the Morrill Act and what was that Act designed to do?
The act was passed in 1862 and allowed new western states to establish colleges.
In what year was the General Land Law Revision Act passed by Congress and what was its intent?
1891, this Act provided the President of the United States with the power to create forest preserves by proclamation.
When did Congress pass the Forest Management Act?
The Act was passed in 1897. It allowed the Secretary of the Interior to manage forest preserves.
In what year was the US Reclamation Act passed and what did it allow for?
1902, it allowed the funds raised from the sale of public land in arid states to be used to construct water storage and irrigation systems.
In what year did President Theodore Roosevelt appoint a Public Lands Commission and what did this commission do?
1903, it proposed rules for land development and management.
What was the first law to provide federal protection for archaeological sites and when was it passed?
In 1906, the Antiquities Act was passed. The Act allowed for the designation of National Monuments.
When were Greenbelt towns first developed and by whom?
In 1935, the Resettlement Administration was formed to carry out experiments in population resettlement and land reform.
What was the Serviceman's Readjustment Act, when was it passed, and what impact did it have?
Commonly known as the GI Bill, this act was passed in 1944 to guarantee home loans to veterans. The result was the rapid development of suburbs.