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Harold Laswell was a....
Yale law professor
A later researcher and communicator scholar added a fourth function to Laswell's original observations. The fourth function is:
personal entertainment
Harold Laswell's three functions of communication:
-transmission of a social heritage
-surveillance of the environment
-correlation of a response

NOT personal entertainment
The first news story-an account of a current event- to take place in the Americas was a report about....
an earthquake in Guatemala
During the colonial period and prior to the American Revolution, the colonists considered themselves....
loyal British subjects
in 1763, Britain became the dominant world power upon their defeat of....
the French
The British policy in 1765 that initially cause dissension in the colonies was the
Stamp Act
On march 5, 1770, a bloody skirmish on the streets of a colonial town between British soldiers and colonists led to an event known as.....
The Boston Massacre
An illustration of the incident mentioned above was printed and tended to sensationalize the event and fan the flames of revolution. It was drawn by
Paul Revere
At the Boston Tea Party, several of the colonial protestors were disguised as
The author the Revolutionary Pamphlet known as "Common Sense" is
Thomas Paine
The widespread appeal of the pamphlet "Common Sense" was that it was...
written in simple language for the commoner
An early plea to include women's rights as part of the new republic was made to John Adams by....
Abigail Adams
The famous literary line that reads:
"These are the times that try men's souls" was written by....
Thomas Paine
As a morale booster, George Washington ordered his troops to read....
the "American Crisis" by Tom Paine
The best known of the early radical writers during colonial days also organized the Boston Tea Party. He was...
Sam Adams
During the Revolutionary War, Black troops constituted approximately what fraction of the northern regiments?
The widespread appeal of the pamphlet "Common Sense" was that it was...
Written in simple language for the commoner
At the age of 12, Ben Franklin became a printer's apprentice for who?
His brother, James
The primary author of the Declaration of Independence was who?
Thomas Jefferson
Among the troops the continental army faced, in addition to the British, were the Hessians, who were....
mercenary soldiers from Germany
Sam Adam's publishing enterprise was
Journal of Occurences
Benjamin Franklin's publishing enterprise was
Pennsylvania Gazette
James Franklin's publishing enterprise was
New England Courant
During the Revolutionary war, approximately 25,000 black soldiers fought on both sides of the conflict....T/F
The journal of occurrences was not just one publication but rather an inter-colonial news service involving some 35 newspapers....T/F
Although it had dramatic impact because of its revolutionary thought, "Common Sense" did not have widespread circulation in the colonies....T/F
False.... it was the widest circulated publication of its day
Like many of the slaves of the period, Frederick Douglass did not know his actual age because his birth date was uncertain....T/F
F. Douglass was taught to read by his church minister who used the Bible as a teaching tool....T/F
false....he was taught by the wife of his master
Douglass did not get to know his father because his father was sold to another slave owner before Douglass was born....T/F
False.....his father was likely his owner... the slave master
Although F. Douglass admired John Brown, he never actually met him in person....T/F
False....he not only met brown, douglass was asked to participate in the assault on Harper's ferry, which he refused.
Based on Douglass' success at his first public speech to abolitionists, abolitionists sought to recruit "negroes" and former slaves to speak at rallies....T/F
After hostilities broke out between the northern and southern states, Douglass remained passionately opposed to the use of black soldiers....T/F
False....Douglass was among the first to advocate black troops
Douglass first learned his great oratory style by....
practicing from a book of great speeches
According to journalism historians, the first black newspaper in the US was...
Freedom's Journal
The person who first gave Douglass an opportunity to speak publicly against slavery was who?
William Lloyd Garrison
The editor an publisher of the abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator, was who?
William Lloyd Garrison
After he published his autobiography in 1845, Douglass went to England because why?
he wanted to avoid the risk of being recaptured by his slave master
The name of Douglass' first newspaper was what?
The North Star
After Douglass' wife died following 44 years of marriage, he was severely criticized for what?
marrying a white woman 20 years younger than him
John Brown was eventually what?
hanged for treason
Frederick Douglass died how?
of a stroke at age 78
One of the early martyrs who used his printing enterprise to speak out against the sins of slavery but who paid for this cause with his death at the hand of a mob was....
Elijah Lovejoy
Many southerners saw slavery from a different perspective than the abolitionists. Their counter argument was that slavery did what three things?
-introduced a backward people to Christianity
-provided food, clothing and shelter to inferior blacks
-provided security during sickness or old age for blacks
William Lloyd Garrison's primary vehicle for spreading the campaign against slavery was what?
The Liberator, his Boston weekly newspaper
Slaveholder Francis Todd sued William Lloyd Garrison for libel because of accusations Garrison has made about Todd and his mistreatment of slaves. The result trial ended with....
the jury finding in favor of Todd, resulting in Garrisons imprisonment
In a broader sense, WLG was a tactful master of propaganda and publicity because he what?
was able to manipulate the editors of opposing newspapers to spread his provocative doctrine.
Nat Turner is best known for....
his leadership of a slave rebellion in Virginia
During a 4th of July celebration in Framingham, Mass., WLG shocked the crowd by doing what?
burning a copy of the US constitution as a protest
One of the best known editors of a mainstream newspaper opposed to slavery was instrumental in organizing the Republican Party that brought Abe Lincoln to power. That editor was...
Horace Greeley
Who founded the first black newspaper?
Rev. Samuel Cornish and John Russwurm
One of the first and most defiant African American journalists to write openly against slavery actually wrote for WLG's newspaper. That journalist was who?
Maria Stewart
How many presses did Elijah Lovejoy have to purchase in his career in order to keep publishing his newspaper?
Elijah Lovejoy published his abolitionist newspaper in what state?
One of the ways that the Rev. Lovejoy was able to continue publication of his abolitionist newspaper was to relocate across the river to Kentucky, a free state....T/F
False....he crossed into Illinois. Kentucky was not a free state
Former President John Quincy Adams condemned the Rev. Lovejoy as an agitator and radical whose tirades threatened the peace in US society....T/F
False...Adams lauded Lovejoy and the cause he fought for
Despite the Liberator's status as the most widely known voice for abolition, the paper did not build a large circulation....T/F had great impact but never wide distribution
In the 1770s, Mary Katherine Goddard had become such a respected printer that the Founding Fathers asked her to do what?
asked her to print the official copy of the Declaration of Independence
The average 18th century woman in the US was what three things:
-not allowed to vote
-could not retain property ownership
-could not retain custody of her children if divorced
The woman who ultimately became the leading theorist, writer and orator of the women's movement was actually married, with children, to a husband who was an abolitionist. She was who?
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
The other woman who rose to prominence in the women's movement was an unmarried former school teacher named:
Susan B. Anthony
The document that evolved out of the two day meeting in Seneca Falls was called what?
The Declaration of Sentiments
James Gordon Bennett, editor of the New York Herald, one of the most influential newspapers in the country, said the Seneca Falls convention was what?
a "Woman's Wrong Convention" that proved that the political and social fabric of the US was crumbling.
The venerable NY Times reacted to the early women's political activism by doing what?
sarcastically calling for the creation of a "Right of Man's Association"
Which organization was founded by Lucy Stone and her husband, Henry Blackwell?
American Woman Suffrage Association
Lucretia Mott said that the press goes through three stages in regard to social and political reforms. What were they?
-Ridicule of the movement
-Report the movement but without comment
-Open advocacy of the movement

The woman's suffrage press was...
unlike the abolitionist press, not effective in changing public opinion
The American media in the 1700s held to the belief that women lacked the ability to succeed in public service because they were intellectually inferior to men....T/F
Unlike newspapers of the era, 1700s magazines held an opposite , more positive view of women's roles by advocating for their work outside the home....T/F
False....magazines were just as condescending as their newspaper counterparts
The Founding Fathers did not specifically state that women would be denied rights in the new public; instead they simply ignored them....T/F
The now famous meeting in Seneca Falls, NY that jumpstarted the women's movement did not include any men....T/F
False.... 68 women and 32 men signed the Declaration of Sentiment.
Stanton and Anthony's newspaper, The Revolution, never exceeded 3,000 in circulation and left a debt of 10,000 when it ceased publication.....T/F
Starting with the historic meeting in July 1848 in NY state, how many decades did it take before organizers were finally able to secure the fundamental right for American women to vote?
Seven decades
In 1868, Stanton and Anthony established their own newspaper for the purpose of spreading their cause. The newspaper was named what?
The Revolution
Stanton and Anthony's newspaper ceased after how many years?
2 years
A rival newspaper was started by one of the women who opposed Stanton and Anthony's strategies. She was who?
Lucy Stone
The name of Lucy Stone's rival newspaper to the Revolution was what?
The Woman's journal
As part of her strategy, in 1872, Susan B. Anthony demanded she she be allowed to register to vote in Rochester, despite it being illegal for a woman to do so. The strategy backfired when what happened?
The authorities actually allowed her to register.
Virginia Minor sued for the right to vote in Missouri in a case that went all the way to the Supreme court, What did the court rule in the MINOR VS HAPPERSETT case?
The court ruled against her...saying that states had the right to determine who voted within their jurisdiction.
The following are among the first states to grant women the right to vote:

The "Woman's Bible," which was a controversial best seller around the turn of the century, was written primarily by who?
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin was best known as what?
the publisher of a women's right newspaper written primarily for black women
Despite their struggles, Stanton and Anthony lived to see the fruits of their labor with the passage of the 19th amendment....T/F
False....both died before 19th amendment was ratified
Susan B. Anthony teamed up with Lucretia Mott to write a book on the history of the women's movement....T/F
Elizabeth Cady Stanton teamed up with Matilda Joslyn Gage and Susan B. Anthony to write a book on the history of the women's movement.....T/F
For a while during the women's movement period, there were two natl. organizations that shared that spotlight over their political activities....T/F
After 20 years of separation, two major women's rights organizations united to form one organization....T/F
Compared to "The Revolution," the rival newspaper, "The Woman's Journal," was far more radical and militant....T/F was more moderate
Most publications of the suffrage press in the late 1800s were aimed at an audience of middle- and upper- class white women....T/F
Rodger Streitmatter wrote that the American mainstream press used its power to influence the public, the right to vote for women should have come much sooner....T/F
The person in the press that is most credited with the downfall of Boss Tweed and his ring was who?
Thomas Nast
The work of Thomas Nast appeared in which publication?
Harper's Weekly
The reason Thomas Nast was able to convey the corruption of Boss Tweed was because...
he was able to show in PICTURES what could not be shown in words for a largely illiterate audience.
Who was among the ring of cronies run by Boss Tweed?
-Peter Sweeney
-A. Oakey Hall
-Richard Connolly

Much of Tweed's power came from his use of the patronage system. The patronage system is...
appointing persons to positions in return for their support
In the 1860s and early 1870s, this publication rose to a national circulation of 100,000, thus making it the largest publication in the country. That publication was known was....
Harper's Weekly
What animal came to symbolize the corruption of Tammany Hall?
Among stories that the NY times carried about the Tweed ring was an account of what 3 things?
-the city's payments of high rents for buildings purportedly used as armories
-the outlandish costs of building a new courthouses
-the high salaries paid to contractors and select workers
During the reign of Tammany Hall...almost all newspapers were what?
accepting lucrative contracts in return for their silence
In an extremely unusual move in 1871, the NY times published a special section about city corruption in what two languages?
English and German
Eventually through continued negative portrayals in the press of William Tweed, the public no longer saw Tweed as a hero but rather as a scoundrel....T/F
One of the ways the Boss Tweed tried to stop the cartoonist who continually attacked him was by offering to pay for the cartoonist's travel to Europe to study art....T/F
The term yellow journalism evolved from what?
a cartoon character in two competing New York newspapers
The publisher of the NY World who was originally an immigrant from Hungary and who helped push the nation to war with Spain was
Joseph Pulitzer
The publisher of the NY Journal who was originally from California and spurred the nation to war with Spain was
William Randolph Hearst
One of the most common tactics Hearst used to sway public sentiment towards war with Spain was
to exaggerate the treatment of Cuban citizens by Spanish authorities
The US military intervention in Cuban and Spanish affairs was
only the latest in a series of US interventions against foreign countries
The singular incident that finally led to a massive public outcry for war against Spain was
the sinking of the USS Maine
According to the DVD, the civil war in Cuba was comparable to what war?
The American Revolution
During the period before war broke out, President McKinley was....
reluctant to intervene militarily, hoping instead for a diplomatic solution
Although the NY Journal proclaimed the destruction of the USS Maine as being caused by a Spanish mine, most experts believe that explosion was
caused by an onboard coal fire that ignited nearby magazine arsenals
The greatest danger faced by troops fighting on the islands of Cuba and the Philippines was
yellow fever and malaria
Before the fighting began, Spanish officials tried to avoid war by indicating that they were willing to compromise and reach an amicable settlement in the Cuban dispute.....T/F
The US Senate's final resolution for war passed by an extremely narrow margin.....T/F
Hearst set up a trap to catch Pulitzer in an act of plagiarizing the NY Journal by creating a fictitious war hero.....T/F
Hearst actually had his yacht seized by the Spanish authorities that were patrolling the Havana harbor .....T/F
Where did the KKK originate?
Pulaski, Tennessee
How extensive was Klan organization in the Southern states by 1868?
All of the southern states
What was the former occupation of Klan leader William J Simmons?
Methodist Minister
What famous movie became controversial over its positive portrayal of the KKK?
Birth of a Nation
How did the expose of the Klan by the NY World affect the Klan?
it boosted Klan membership
Which state became known as the "Klan State?"
The governor of which state asked for federal assistance in the 1920s fighting the activities of the Klan?
The primary reason that Roman Catholics became the target of the KKK was because
Klan members believed Catholics were ruled by a foreign power (the pope)
The downfall of Klan leader David Curtis Stephenson is attributed to
his conviction over the rape and murder of a young woman
The extent of Klan power in the US by 1925 was visibly demonstrated by
a massive parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in DC
What was the nickname given to Birmingham, AL during the Civil Rights era?
What organization headed by attorney Morris Dees has been tracking the activities of US hate groups?
The Southern Poverty Law Center
The following are credited among the Pulitzer Prize winning newspapers for battling the KKK during it's heyday
-The Montgomery Advertiser
-The NY World
-The Commercial Appeal

The incident that led to an outbreak of violence known as the Tulsa Riot of 1921 was over
an alleged sexual assault of a White elevator operator by a young black man (Dick Rowland)
At the time of the Tulsa Riot, most of the city's black population resided in an area known as
The newspaper that added to the volatile situation in Tulsa with its biased reporting was
The Tulsa Tribune
A showdown between the Klan and the newspaper in Memphis took place over the city election in 1923. What was the outcome of that showdown?
The Klan was soundly defeated by the incumbent Mayor and his commissioners
Joseph Pulitzer battled the KKK through the investigative exposes of his newspaper of the Klan's activities.....T/F
Women were not allowed to join the KKK, and therefore, no women were counted among the organization's ranks.....T/F
The Klan in Alabama was successful in its initial efforts to thwart press freedom in Alabama through its passage of broad state libel laws......T/F
Father Charles Coughlin first emerged as a radio personality in.....
The Royal Oak suburb of DETROIT
Although he started out on local radio, Father Coughlin eventually signed a contract to speak nationwide on which network?
His widespread appeal during the Great Depression can be attributed to
-the great oratorical quality of his voice
-the use of his simplistic phrasing to reach the masses
-his messages directed towards the working class
When the major broadcasting networks refused to renew or offer him contracts for his radio show, Coughlin responded by
forming his own network of 60 stations nationwide
In 1934, Coughlin moved into direct political action by creating the
National Union for Social Justice
Both the NY Times and President Roosevelt credited Coughlin with killing a proposal that would have led to
creation of The World Court
"Social Justice" was the name of....
Coughlins weekly tablolid magazine
The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" that Coughlin reprinted were spurious (not authentic) documents that purportedly revealed what?
A plot by Jews to destroy Christian civilization and gain world power
Father Coughlin's view of Adolf Hitler was what?
one of admiration for the German leader
In 1940, 17 members of Coughlin's Christian Front organization were
arrested by the FBI for conspiracy to overthrow the US government
The phrase that led to the title of the stage play and later the movie "Inherit the Wind" comes from a verse in the Bible. IT means that someone should
devote efforts towards achieving something of value; otherwise you end up with nothing
The lead attorney who prosecuted the Tennessee teacher for violating state law on the teaching of evolution was
William Jennings Bryan
The lead attorney who defended the school teacher was
Clarence Darrow
The actual newspaper that sent its famous reporter to cover the trial, symbolically represented by E.K Hornbeck in the play, was
The Baltimore Sun
In the end, the jury in the infamous "Monkey Trial" found the schoolteacher
guilty of violating Tennessee state law
In the closing scene of "Inherit The Wind", the prosecutor collapses and dies in the courtroom at the conclusion of the trial. This was
inaccurate historically, although he did die a few days after the trial due to diabetes
The members of the press who covered the Scopes trial showed their bias when
they stood and cheered after a court argument by a defense attorney that turned into a speech
The Monkey Trial, or the Trial of the Century, was the first to be broadcasts on the radio. The radio station that broadcast this historical first was
WGN Chicago
Rosie the Riveter was the character that came to symbolize the American working woman in WW2 posters. It was drawn by the classic American illustrator
Norman Rockwell
In 1940, some 12 million women in the US worked outside the home. Just 4 years later the number had jumped dramatically to
19 million
Before WW2, the social attitude toward a woman working outside the home was
frowned upon because it suggested the man of the house could not provide for his family
Some publications were so committed to increasing the number of workingwomen that they advocated a policy of
mandatory employment for all able-bodied women
One of the most effective ways that publications changed the visual image of workingwomen was to
glamorize the female labor force by inaccurate portrayals of working conditions
The rise of women in the work force also had an effect on African American women because
it led to a second emancipation, giving black women new job opportunities
She was famous for her photos in the 1930s Life Magazine, and also was the first woman correspondent to be accredited by the Army Air Force..She was..
Margaret Bourke White
The 1954 US Supreme court decision in the Brown v Board of education of Topeka case determined that
separate educational facilities are inherently unequal and therefore unlawful
Streitmatter, as do many other historians, cite the Civil Rights Movement as
the first great television news story
NBS correspondent John Chancellor said that with respect to the Civil Rights Movement, journalism does not initiate social change, but journalism
can AMPLIFY social change
In the summer of 1957, African American leaders targeted Central High School for desegregation with the enrollment of nine Black students. This took place in
Little Rock, Arkansas
Central High School desegregation is regarded as the first chapter of television's epic coverage of the movement because
it turned what otherwise would have been a local story into a national news story
The most dramatic image that emerged from Central High School desegregation effort was
the brutal treatment of a petite, 15-year-old Black girl by redneck segregationists
Charlayne Hunter Gault
One of two African Americans first admitted to University of Georgia.

Of the NY Times and a PBS correspondent
The racially mixed group of college students and civil rights activists who rode buses from the North into segregated Southern communities was know as
freedom riders
Police Commissioner "Bull" Connor held great influence over the town considered the most segregated city in America in the early 1960s. This city was
Birmingam, Alabama
Birmingham became the target in 1963 for what one activist hoped would be a series of supposed non-violent protests. The person was
Martin Luther King
Media images of Bull Connors use of police dogs and high pressure fire hoses to subdue protesters, many of them children, led to a reaction from the public elsewhere. They reacted by
organizing public marches of support in 40 cities around the country
A massive demonstration and march took place in August 1963 with some 200,000 protesters whose actions were televised by all three networks. That event took place
in the nation's capital
It was during the August 1963 march at the nations capital that MLK gave his __________ speech
"I have a dream"
Martin Luther King and his protesters crossed the Edmund Pettis Bridge in what city?
Selma, Alabama
Which president signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law?
Lyndon B Johnson
The other key piece of legislation that followed the Civil Rights Act in 1965 was the
Voting Rights Act of 1965
The US initial involvement in Vietnam began
in the early 1950s with Pres. Truman
In 1954, Vietnam was divided in half...the north was
communist controlled and based in Hanoi
In 1964, North Vietnamese patrol boats fired on US destroyers in a Vietnamese gulf location. This attack led to a Congressional action known as
The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
By wars end after more than 10 years how many US men and women died in the war?
By wars end after more than 10 years, how many estimated SE Asians died in war?
1 to 3 million
By 1972 two out of three US citizens named which medium as their main source of news
Through 1967, most news coverage of the war was favorable. However, what event in 1968 turned the coverage into one that was more critical?
The Tet offensive
The most controversial story of the early years of the war was by Morley Safer of CBS who covered events in the village of Cam Ne. That story showed
American soldiers burning down 150 housing using their zippo lighters
The Viet Cong offensive during their Lunar New year holiday in 1968 was
a military failure by North Vietnam
In effect, the Viet Cong offensive during their Lunar New Year, did to US policy was
to cause severe damage to the credibility of LBJ administration
One of the most shocking and enduring images of the brutality and senselessness of the war occurred on the streets of Saigon when a North Vietnamese prisoner was arrested. Recorded for the tv during the arrest was
the execution of the prisoner by a point-blank shot to his head
The man who set the tone for TV coverage after the cataclysmic New Year's offensive by the North Vietnamese was "the most trusted man in America" .... he was
Walter Cronkite
Walter Cronkite's negative assessment of the war at that point led LBJ to reassess his position. What did he decide to do?
not run for reelection
Contributing to the tone of news coverage was the report of an incident at the village of My Lai. What did news reports say?
That US soldiers had destroyed the village and killed hundreds of civilians
The 1971 case that sought clarification on government prior restraint of the press occurred in the NY Times v US (403 US 713) case, otherwise known as the Pentagon Papers case. Which other publication was involved in this case?
The Washington Post
The Pentagon Papers were actually a secret Defense Department study of questionable US policy in Vietnam by Presidents
Kennedy, Johnson, Eisenhower, and Truman
When the newspapers began publication of the Pentagon Papers series, a federal district judge initially did what?
issued a temporary restraining order to forbid publication
The case eventually ended up in the Supreme Court where the Justices voted (pentagon papers)
6-3 in favor of the newspapers to publish
The person who had provided the NY Times with the original documents from the Pentagon was
Daniel Ellsberg
One of the more embarrassing revelations about prisoner mistreatment and torture was revealed through a series of photos printed in a US magazine in July of 1970. Those photos appeared in
Life Magazine
The prisoner enclosures that were photographed in Life Magazine in 1970, which were only 4x9 foot concrete pits, were popularly known as
Tiger Cages
The 1971 case that sought clarification on government prior restraint of the press occurred in the NY Times v US (403 US 713) case, otherwise known as the Pentagon Papers case. Which other publication was involved in this case?
The Washington Post
The person who took the photos of the Tiger Cages was a Congressional Aide at the time, but who later became a US senator. He was
Tom Harkin
The Pentagon Papers were actually a secret Defense Department study of questionable US policy in Vietnam by Presidents
Kennedy, Johnson, Eisenhower, and Truman
When the newspapers began publication of the Pentagon Papers series, a federal district judge initially did what?
issued a temporary restraining order to forbid publication
The NY Times and what other newspaper were involved in the NY Times vs US, Pentagon Papers case?
The Washington Post
The Pentagon Papers were a secret Defense Department study of questionable US Policy in Vietnam by Presidents
Kennedy, Johnson, Eisenhower and Truman
When the np's initially began publication of the Pentagon Papers series, a federal district judge initially
issued a temporary restraining order to forbid publication
The case eventually ended up in the Supreme Court where the Justices voted
6-3 in favor of the np's to publish
The person who had provided the NY Times with the original documents from the Pentagon was
Daniel Ellsberg
Photos of prisoner mistreatment in July of 1970 were printed in what US magazine?
Life magazine
The prisoner enclosures photographed in Life magazine in July 1970, which were 4x9 concrete pits were called
Tiger Cages
The person who took the photos of the tiger cages in July 1970 was a congressional aide at the time, but later became a US senator was
Tom Harkin
Tiger cages were first used by
the French
Tiger cages were being hidden from the public and press where?
on Con Son Island in the South China Sea
Grace Paley wrote about the prison life of women incarcerated at the prison in her book published in 1998 called
Just As I Thought
When the arrests of the burglars were first made at the Watergate Hotel, the initial impression most of the press had was that this was
a third rate burglary, of little consequence
What offices were broken into at the Watergate hotel?
the Democratic Party hq
George McGovern was
the Democratic frontrunner in the '72 Presidential race
The item that first tipped Bob Woodward off that this burglary might lead to bigger things was when James McCord
told the judge that he worked for the CIA
At the time of Watergate, current tv network commentator Pat Buchanan was
a speech writer for president Nixon
With respect to the FBI's investigation into the Watergate cases, President Nixon
attempted to pressure the agency to drop its investigation
The nickname of Deep Throat for Woodward's anonymous source came from
The managing editor of the Washington post AND a well known porno film released at the time
Nixon won the 1972 presidential race by
a landslide of 61% of the vote
CREEP was the popular acronym used to describe what?
the Committee for the Re-Election of the President
John Mitchell, the former attorney general who became the chairman of CREEP, controlled what?
the secret fund used in the dirty tricks campaign tactics for the President
Katherine Graham was the
owner and publisher of the Washington Post
J, Edgar Hoover, who served in the FBI for 46 years, was said to be more powerful than the President because
he possessed all the dirt on politicians and used this information to blackmail them
G. Gordon Liddy became so concerned about the increasing gravity of the situation surrounding the president and his men that Liddy feared that
actual murder or physical harm to his family was possible
Fred Thompson, who later went on to become an actor, asked a critical question at an investigative hearing that opened floodgates for evidence of the Watergate cover-up. What did his question reveal?
That Nixon possessed audio tapes that documented his involvement
The "Rose Mary stretch" was a humorous reference to
the cause of the infamous 18 minute gap in Nixon's Oval Office tape recording
The FBI's covert operations known as the "Black Bag Jobs" were
burglaries that targeted leaders of the anti-war movement
The "MF" notation that Bob Woodward maintained in his notes stood for
My friend AND Mark Felt
Although Woodward and editors at the Washington Post contemplated giving Felt some financial compensation for his help in the Watergate case, they decided against it because
it is considered highly unethical in journalism to pay sources for information
At the height of his popularity, Rush Limbaugh, drew a national weekly audience of
25 million
How many radio stations were carrying Rush Limbaugh's program at the peak of this appeal?
Limbaugh combines news and a show business approach into a new amalgamation known as
Limbaugh's critics compared him to a previous radio personality named
Fr. Charles Coughlin
Limbaugh's self proclaimed title is
the most dangerous man in america
In forms of his formal education, Limbaugh is
a dropout of SE Missouri State
Throughout the 1970s, Limbaugh worked at 4 radio stations and was
fired at each one because he had conflicts with the management
Following his short tenure at 4 radio stations, Limbaugh held a PR job and a longer stint at radio station where he began to establish his reputation. His PR job and his return to radio took place in
Kansas City
By 1884, Limbaugh found success in Sacramento by virtue of his ability to use which characteristic in every issue?
After Limbaugh burst onto the national scene through the EIB network, his fans took the self proclaimed name of
The EIB acronym stands for
Excellence in Broadcasting
The CBS network tried to hire Limbaugh in 1994 as
a political commentator
Limbaugh's media success also extended to print with the publication of
The Limbaugh Letter
Limbaugh's print success extended to publishing with his first book, titled
The Way Things Ought To Be
The Limbaugh forum was
an online chat room for Limbaugh's followers
Although he had broad appeal, Limbaugh's primary audience and core constituency was
white lower and middle class men
With respect to the Iran-Contra investigation, Limbaugh defended the Reagan Admin by stating that no one connected with the admin had been indicted. The evidence shows:
That a total of 14 were indicted and 11 convicted
With Clinton's Whitewater investment deal, Limbaugh said the NYT ignored the story. Actually:
The times was the np that originally broke the story
With HUD public housing projects, Limbaugh said there were no budget cuts. Actually:
the HUD cut the budget from 3.7 billion to 573 million
Limbaugh's greatest political achievement occurred in the 1994 elections when he was credited with
being the person most responsible for the election of conservative candidates
Although it would be criticized later, the NYT at the time of the 9/11 attacks made journalistic history by
receiving 7 Pulitzer Prizes for its initial coverage
The same year as the 7 Pulitzer Prizes were given to the NYT, the Edward R. Murrow Award was given
jointly to ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN
When np's and tv failed to provide and explanation as to why the terrorists carried out their attacks
Pres Bush to the tv airwaves to give his version of events
When the mainstream media failed to fulfill its informational role, the public mostly turned to what sources?
A manifesto originally issued by Osama Bin Laden in 1998 became easily accessible on
Web Sites by 2001
Susan Sontag, who wrote a published essay in The New Yorker that cited the grievances against the US by Islamic extremists was
severely denounced by other colleagues in other publications
Dick Cheney went to the airwaves to make the connection between Iraq and al-Qaeda by
stating that the lead 9/11 hijacker had met a senior Iraqi agent in Czechoslovakia
The news organization that challened Cheney's allegations and said no evidence of such connections existed was
Slate, the online magazine
In a shocking revelation in January 2004, treasury secretary Paul O'Neill said that Bush
had seriously thought about attacking Iraq eight months before the events of 9/11
In the wake of inadequate mainstream press explanations on the causes of the conflict, praise instead went to (9/11)
-Internet sources and bloggers
-Websites such as Salon magazine
-You Tube