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Curtis Publishing Co.
Sat. Evening Post; Ladies Home Journal; Country Gentleman; Holiday
Franklin Era- S.E.P.
suspended publication in 1765
Edgar Allen's Poe's stories appeared here; Curtis buys at end of 19th century
Cyrus Curtis
wanted a man's mag;
Edward Bok
editor of L.H.J.; married to Curtis' daughter
George H. Lorimer
became editor as a second thought; read EVERY letter of editor; formal man
Motto for S.E.P.
"An American Institution"
Famous writers/ characters
Crane; London; Fitzgerald; Lewis; Faulkner; O. Henry; sherlock homes; horatio hornblower; tugboat annie
Ben Hibbs
editor of S.E.P. after Lorimer; made changed that saved magazine
Clay Blair Jr.
editor of S.E.P. for two years; turned Postinto muckraking, used convicted felon as a source on a misguided Bear Bryant piece
J.C. Leyendecker
the New Year baby for S.E.P.; arrow collar man
Maxfield Parrish
ads, storybook illustrations, illustrator
Norman Rockwell
started at S.E.P. in 1916; "Willie Gillis"; the four freedoms; santa map
Harrison Gray Otis
first editor of LA Times; got things going; filled paper with his prejudice
Harry Chandler
married Otis' daughter; passed paper down to son
Norman Chandler
married Dorothy Buff Chandler; made the paper the republican party
Kyle Palmer
political editor of LA Times; made Nixon a household name; wanted to destroy Upton Sinclair
lost presidential race in 1960; lost governor's race in 1962; loses support of Palmer, but comes back anyways
Otis Chandler
LA Times publisher; built it into a great newspaper
Nick Williams
managing editor of LA Times during Otis; helped change the way the paper was
Paul Conrad
cartoonist for LA Times; helped show Times was changing; Goldwater cartoon
Jann Wenner
editor, founder of Rolling Stone; drop out of Berkeley; did not want to be in underground press, wanted to make money
Ralph Gleason
music journalist; brought credibility to Wenner at RS
first serious rock n roll magazine by Paul Williams
Jane Schindelheim
Wenner's wife;
Ed Ward
sloppy hippie; first music editor of RS; fired because dirty
Jon Landau
doctorate; academically trained; rock critic at RS; became Springsteens manager
Lester Bangs
RS columnist; Psychotic Reaction and Carburator Dung
Hunter S. Thompson
air force; National Observer & S America; Hell's Angels;Freak Power- Sheriff in RS; Fear and Loathing, etc.
Raoul Duke
Thompson's original pen name
Annie Leibovitz
Had never taken a picture before become an RS photographer; now with Vanity Fair
purches by William Paley when 2 years old; largest and most influential broadcast system
started off in family cigar business; advertising; invests in CBS
Elmer Davis
background in newsprint, (NYT); annoying voice, broadcaster for CBS
Ed R Murrow
patron saint of broadcast; "voice of the war"; became an executive at CBS
Fred Friendly
Murrow's partner; president of CBS; resigned due to protest of Lucy rerun
"I Can Hear It Now"
broadcast history of first half of twentieth century
"See It Now"
Murrow's weekly tv show at CBS; hour long; famous McCarthy broadcast
CBS Reports
not exclusively a Murrow show, but did Harvest of Shame (migrant workers); very influential work
Charles Kuralt- CBS
grad of jou school; On the Road series; Sunday Morning show
Walter Cronkite- CBS
worked for papers and UPI; hosted Morning with a puppet; CBS Evening- half hour; managing editor- replaced by Dan Rather
Mike Wallace- CBS
founding correspondent of 60 minutes; Night Beat; Morning News
Katherine Graham
turned Washington Post into a great newspaper; Wellesely grad; got paper after her husband killed himself
Philip Graham
star at schools; married K. Meyer, given WP by her parents; bought Newsweek; killed himself in 63
Ben Bradlee
had worked for Newsweek; becomes managing editor of WP; watergate
Pentagon Papers
WP got a copy after the NYT did; was a study of department of defense on itself, managing of Vietnam
Janet Cooke scandal
reporter at WP who won Pulitzer; bad for Bradlee and Woodward
Chicago Tribune
a frontier paper in 1847; pony express; California gold rush
David Crockett
Col. Crockett's notebook; wrote for many years until he went to Alamo; politician, hero worshipped
Samuel Clemens
Mark Twain; wrote for Territorial Enterprise; becomes famous for Missouri stories; first real American voice
Ring Lardner
Chicago Tribune; sports writer; short stories; important to baseball; front page of Trib daily
Walter Lippmann
George Polk case; NY Heral Trib; a philosopher; all presidents read him
H. L. Mencken
Sage of Baltimore; mag editor (Mercury); American language; very intwined with American politics
John Hersey
Hiroshima; pulitzer for A Bell For Adono; became a critic when he thought form got out of control
Lillian Ross
"mother of new journalism"; portrait on Hemingway; picture profile of red badge; relationsihp w/ Shawn of New Yorker
Gay Talese
sports writer; Patterson, the boxer, profile; NYT, Esquire; breakthrough profile of Louis,Dimaggio, Sinatra, different way of writing; honor they neighbors wife, sex!
Terry Southern
Esquire; "Candy" a parody; Easy Rider; very hip
Characteristics of New Journalism
scene-by-scene construction; dialogue; 3rd person pov; recording of all details
Truman Capote
New Yorker; In Cold Blood, murder of a KS family; Breakfast at Tiffany's; never wrote anything substantial after Blood
Joan Didion
made shy and silence work for her; started at Vogue; S.E.P.; Slouching Towards Bethelehem
Norman Mailer
wanted to be like Hemingway; didn't like new journalism; narcissitic; Executioner's Song, Gary Gilmore, story of a killer