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when was the 1st aliyah?
when was the 2nd aliyah?
when was the 3rd aliyah?
1919- 1923
when was the 4th aliyah?
when was the 5th aliyah?
what is zionism?
The political movement for the return of the Jewish people to their biblical and historic homeland
zionism = zion = jerusalem
waht were the conditions of teh 1st aliyah?
diseases - malaria (treated by eycelipitis trees)
What happened during the 2nd aliyah?
degania, the 1st kibbutz, was founded - 1909
hashomer, the 1st jewish self-defence organization, was founded - 1909
tel-aviv was founded as the 1st jewish city - 1909
hebrew language was revived
waht accomplishments happened in the 3rd aliyah?
the haganah replaced the hashomer as the official underground army of the yishuv - 1920
what brought immigrants during the 3rd aliyah?
the balfour declaration
waht does the 4th aliyah mark?
the period of developement of industry in palestine
why did immigrants come during trhe 5th aliyah?
the rise of hitler and wwii
why did the immigrasnts stop coming during the 5th aliyah?
the holocaust
waht happened in the 5th aliyah?
British imposed restrictions on immigrations (The White Papers)- this marked the beginning of the illegal immigrants
what 2 organizations helped illegal immigrants come?
Irgun and Haganah
how many immigrants came during the 1st aliyah?
how many immigrants came during the 2nd aliyah?
how many immigrants came during the 3rd aliyah?
how many immigrants came during the 4th aliyah?
82,000 but 23,000 left
how many immigrants came during the 5th aliyah?
the yishuv reached 650,000
waht was the exodus?
the ship that brought illegal immigrants
where were illegal immigrants sent when found?
to detention camps in Cyprus
when was the UN Partition?
November 29, 1947
how many voted yes? no? abstain?
waht is a yishuv?
The formal name for the Jewish community in Palestine
what happened between 1914-1919 that stopped immigration?