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what names has the Fertile Crescent had since the beginnng of history?
accprding to the torah's accountt, the tigris and euphrates rivers stemmed from:
garden of edeb
after the flood at the beginning of the torah, what story occured nearby?
tower of babel
who was the babylonian kind who destroyed the first temple and exiled the kingdom of judah?
the story of megilat esther (purim) occured in the land of _______
who grew up in charan and ur( cities which later became babylonia)?
who was the king of persia who allowed the jews to return to the land of israel?
king cyrus
from what time did the Jews live in Babylonia? (there may be more than one answer)
597 BCE until 1952
at the time of the Second Temple most jews lived where?
in Babylonia
who ruled babylonia during the time of the Roman Empire?
the parthians
the parthians were (there may be more than one answer)
good to the jews

strong enough to hold off the romans
in amoriac times, scholars in palestine were called _________
in amoriac times, scholars in babylonia were called _____
in what year did the arabs conquer babylonia, persia, Byzantium, and north africa?
642 CE
in what year did Iraq expel all its jews?
who were the Karites/ Karaim?
they belived only in the written law, they were jews as well
the head of the Jewish community in Babylonia was called:
Reish Galusa
the reish galusa was (there may be more than one answer)

lived in a palace

appointed by government

tax collector

orginially from the house of David, tibe of yehuda

greatest halachic authority
the position of the reish galuta existed during the rule of the:
parthians, sassinids, and arabs
underneath moslem rule, torah study was led by the:
the gaonim were (there may be more than one answer)
heads of the academies Sura and Pumbedita

instituted laws not found in the talmud

acted a supreme judges

usually appointed by academies

sometimes appoint by the reish gelusa
out of the 25 prophets mentioned in the koran, how many are from jewish scripture?
what similarities exist between islam and judiasm (more than one answer)
dietary laws, moshe, akada, prophets, monotheism, curcumsision, fasting
the jewish prophet ____ is mentioned over 100 times
who established the city of Yathrib, which became medina, the second holiest Moslem city?
the jewish people living there
islam means:
submission to g-d
what did mohammed do in reacting negatively to the jew's rejection? (more than one answer)
changed direction of praying- to mecca

akeda was changed to ishmael

shabbath to friday
what compelled mohammed to start islam? what role did judiasm have in it?
disgusted by barbaric behavior of tribes. judias, influenced him. however, jews did not join and he got mad
who were the marranos?
jews who converted but secretly practiced judaism
who would have been killed if they were caught practicing judaism?
the marranos
who were the moors?
north african nomads who converted to islam