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What year did the Independence War start?
What countries participated in the Independence War?
Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon
What os the reason for the Independence War?
-Creation of the State of Israel by the UN
-Arabs rejected the Partition of Palestine (they wanted the land only for themselves)
Who were the important people in the Independence War?
-PM- David Ben Gurion
-Chief of Operation- Yigael Yadin
What was the reslut of the Independence War?
-cease fire between every country
-Israel gained land
What year did the Six Day War start?
June 5, 1967- June 10, 1967
What countries were involved in the Six Day War?
Egypt, Jordan, Syria
What was the reason for the Six Day War?
constant attacks toward Israelis from Syrians and Egyptians
Nassar moved the buffer between Egypt and Israel
Personalities in Six Day War:
PM- Levi Eshkot
Minister of Defense- Moshe Dayan
Chief of STaff- Yitzchak Rabin
Pres of Egypt- Abdul Nassar
Result of the Six Day War:
Israle conquered Judea, east Jerusalem, Gaza, Golan Heights, Samaria, and Sinai
When was the Shlom Hagalil War?
Who participated in the Shlom Hagalil War?
Syria, Lebanon, PLO
What was the reason for the Shlom Hagalil War?
Palestinian groups in Southern Lebanon attacked Israeli territory
Personalities in the Shlom Hagalil War?
PM- Menachem Begin
MInistry of Defense- Ariel Sharon
Cheif of Staff- Rafael Bitan
PLO leader- Yassar Arafat
What was the result of the Shlom Hagalil War?
ISraeli forces left Lebanon except for a small "safety zone"
PLO forces were removed from LEbanon
When did the 2nd Intifada occur?
2000- still happening
WHat countries wer einvolved in the 2nd Intifada?
Palestnian authorities and terrorists organizations
What was the reason for the start of the 2nd Intifada?
Sharon visits the Temple Mount
who are important personalities in the 2nd Intifada?
Ehud Barak-P.M.
Ariel Sharon-P.M.
Ehud Omert- P.M.
Yassar Arefat-Chairman of Palestinians (president of Palestinians)
What was the outcome of the 2nd Intifada?
Many casualties