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Why did counting first begin and how did man count?
For religious purposes and they would use their fingers and toes
What and when was stonehenge?
It was a circle of rocks used for religous reasons and as a calander in 2800bc
Where does the Abacus come from?
Who were the three forefathers of computers?
von Liebniz, babbage, pascal
What was pascal known for?
pasculine calculator and gear system
Why was pascal's calculator not so good?
he was the only one who could repair it and it was too expensive
babbage is known for what?
Difference engine
what was the deal with the difference engine
it was never built but it used repetition in 1822
the hollerith tabulating machine was used for what and how and what did it become
it used punch cards and was good for storage and it eventually became known as IBM
What does IBM stand for
International business machines
What did Aiken create?
the Harvard Mark 1
What does Eniac stand for
Electrical numerical integrator and computer
how much space did eniac cover
1800 sq ft
what is edvac and what was its significance
electronical discrete variable automatic computor and it has a program inside the comp.
what were two advances?
Transitors in 1947 and integrated circuits which allowed the placement of many transitors
When did intel release the first microprossesor
what is a microprocessor
specialized integrated circut
what does basic stand for
beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code
PC in?
Apple 11 in?
apple 111
lisa in
the web requires what?
A Server