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35 A.D.
Paul's Conversion
64 A.D.
Nero's persecution
70 A.D.
Destruction of Jerusalem
100 A.D.
St. John's death
150 A.D.
Justin Martyr's First Apology
155 A.D.
Martyrdom of Polycarp
251 A.D.
Novatian Schism
303 A.D.
Diocletian Persecution
144 A.D.
Marcion excommunicated
200 A.D.
Muratorian Canon
215 A.D.
Hippolytus' Old Roman Creed
248 A.D.
Cyprian elected Bishop of Carthage
312 A.D.
Conversion of Constantine
325 A.D.
Council of Nicaea
392 A.D.
Theodosius bans pagan worship
440 AD
Leo I, Petrine Theory
328 A.D.
Athanasius becomes bishop of Alexandria
451 A.D.
Council of Chalcedon
381 A.D.
Council of Constantinople
397 A.D.
Augustine's Confessions
426 A.D.
Augustine's City of God
529 A.D.
Council of Orange
432 AD
St. Patrick returns to Ireland
529 A D
Benedict's Monastic Rule
622 A D
Birth of Islam
718 A D
Boniface, mission to the Germans
800 A D
Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor
860 A D
Cyril and Methodius missionaries to Slavs
988 A D
Christianity comes to Russia
1054 A D
Schism of East and West
1099 A D
First Crusade
1093 A.D.
Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury
1150 A.D.
Universities of Paris and Oxford
1215 A.D.
Innocent III, Fourth Lateran Council
1272 A.D.
Aquinas, Summa Theologica
1175 A D
Waldensian Movement begins
1208 A D
Francis renounces wealth
1378 A D
Great Schism
1415 A D
Hus burned at the stake