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First Newspaper
Publick Occurrences
No, Britain shut down after one issue because it criticized Britain
First Successful Newspaper
Boston Newsletter
-long, double sided, thick
Peter Zenger
Helped establish freedom of speech
Benjamin Day
Penny Press
Photography/First Notable Photographer
Matthew Brady: Photographed the war
Joseph Pulitzer & William Randolph Hearst
Started competing
-Yellow Journalism
-The Yellow Kid
-Embellishing/Lying in newspapers
Elizabeth Cochrane
“Nellie Bly”
-Famous for doing insane things
News was transported instantaneously
-First president that used Abraham Lincoln
-Inverted Pyramid: Important information was put at the top of telegraphs so that the facts were received if telegraph lines were down
Largest Newspaper Today
USA Today
Made of small newspapers
Associated Press-sell articles to newspapers