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Post WW1 Conditions:
A.Economic Problems~
1)Inflation- not much money...Lots of money bought loaf of bread
2) Unemployement
3) Economic Depression
B.Weak Governenment~
C.Powerless League of Nations~
D. Conditions led to the rise of dictaors~
Dictator of Russia
Joseph Stalin-Father died when he was 14
What happened to Stalin in 1899?
Since he was such a touble maker, he got kicked out!
What happened to Stalin in 1900?
Joined the Russian social Democratic party.
What happened to Stalin in 1902?
He was arrested 6 times and escaped 5 times.
Stalin as supreme ruler (1928-1953)
1)Five year plan
-"We are 50 to 100 years behind advanced countries, We must make up taht difference in 10 years."
-1st 5 years-Industrial Production doubled
-2nd 5 years-Industrial production doubled again!
-Slave labor produced all the results!
Collectivization of farms
Kulak-Well to do farmer, very well off...Did not like collectivation.
1932-1933-In ukraine...3 million Kulaks were killed!
-Stalin is eliminating threats..Anyone with threat to stalin are sent off..Even executed his own very close friends...Even executed millitary officers...If you wrote a book and he was not in it you would be executed..HE WAS PARANOID!
How do Dictators rise to power
1.Unstable, Political, social, and economic problems.
2.Charasmatic Personalities-Easy to get people to like you.
3.Increadible speakers-COuld convince anyone
4.Strong disear to change.-Agenda platform.
5.Always follow laws...Until they capture power.
6.All dictators use force
DIctator of Russia
Joseph Stalin-Father died when he was 14.
Pact with Hitler
August 1939-Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact...Stalin and hitler would not Fight!
German Nationalist
Hitler-applied for art institute was denied..He then joined the National Socialist German Workers Party.
Attempt to overthrow government
Coup Dictate
Book that Hitler wrote in prison
Mein Kamph-"My Struggle"
Body of elected officials ...German Parliament
Reich Stag
Created Facism...Used Propognada and captured control of the media
Hitlers Acheivments
1.Economic Recovery-6 million re-employed
2.Military Recovery-by 1938,Germany had the strongest military in Europe
3.National pride and unity-Hitler Youth, 3 million involved
4.National Expantion
Lebans Relm
Living Space
Distructive Policies
1.Final Solution
a.Holocaust-Elimination of 6 million jews
b.Genocide-Trying to kill off race of people
2.Distruction of Europe
3.Distruction of German Political System-Hitler created Dictatorship
Hitlers targets of Mass Murder
1.Mentally and Physically Ill
Concentrations Camps
Over 1,000camps after war
Ruled by the people..Been around since greek era.."It's a Govt of the people, by the people, for the people."
Dictatorship, Absolutism and Facist parties are totalitarian...Propaganda used widly
Economic system..Individual citizens own buisness
Created by Carl Marks...Created as apposite of Capitolism in which everone is more equal, and to eliminate rich and poor.
Form of Socialism...Last stage of Socialism..No longer any social classes...No such thing as Communist Country
Extremely Nationalistic for of Gov't...Also Militaristic and Imperialistic..1 party rule and no opposition to the gov't is allowed.
World War II Causes
1. Political Intability-More smaller and weaker countries
2.Economic Problems-Reperations-War costs for damage
3.Rise of dictators
4.Appeasment-Giving or allowing something to happen in order to avoid conflict
WWII Highlights
1.Germany Invades Poland-Sept.1939
2.Germany Attacked Netherlands,Belgium,and France-All defeated in 6 weeks..Vichy Govt-Puppet Govt
3.Hitler Turns attention towards England-Battle of Britain- War fought between Royal Air Force...Had to Bomb at night-1st use of radar..Battle lasted about a year-only 40,000 died
4.Italy Not Doing Well-Hitler had to turn attention to rescuing Mussolini
5.Erwin Rommel-In charge of Africa Korps-Known as Desert Fox
6.Hitler's Invasion of Russia-Opperation Barbarossa-Included 2 million soldiers and 2,000 tanks..Turning point of the war was at Stalin Grad
7.Pearl Harbor-Dec.7 1941..US gave aid to the Chinese...We stopped trading with Japan...Everyone Knew there would be an attack...ZERO HOUR-when the attack would happen..4,000 americans died...Half died in the USS ARIZONA...18 ships and 347 air crafts were sunk
Island Hoping
We had to defeat Japs on remote island
Samuri Tradition
Japs fight to the death
8.D Day-Operation Overload(June 6, 1944)..Amphibious Envasion-Water to Land...Dresden-German city with no signiciance..Bombed for Reveng..135,000 germans died
9.Hitlers Suicide-It became very aparent that they were going to lose..Thought he was in the late stages of Sifilis...Married Eva Braun and the married 12 hours before She and Hitler commited Suicide.
Reasons for the Use of Nuclear Bombs
1.Would prevent 500,000 to 1 million american deaths
2.Invasion of Japan would take years..Guerilla Warfare
3.Japanese still had 6 million soldiers-very comitted to fight to the death
4.Japanese civilians were ready to fight
5.Using bombs would justify the cost
6.Would avenge the loss of pearl harbor & at Bataan
Reasons why not to use Nuclear Bombs
1.Take Jap. officials to remote Island and detonate bomb
2.Numbers would not me as big-Invasion not long
3.Proof that japs. would surrender if russia declared war